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lancel 75008 The Xing Ming has been able to affirm now
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TOPIC: lancel 75008 The Xing Ming has been able to affirm now

lancel 75008 The Xing Ming has been able to affirm now 11 months, 1 week ago #81373

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The Tu increases danger.
Be the Xing Ming wants to come out forest of time, he suddenly saw lie again three corpses of by the lake, according to that young girl of parlance, these 3 people are her teammates, all killed by the person of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment of, look now, this is obviously lies, these three people also aroused the attention of Xing Ming.
Hesitated for a while, the Xing Ming still kept arriving at by the lake, three people lie on the ground, one among the middle ages, two young men, it has been 12 days since seeing the appearance departed from this life, calculate like this, seem to be with oneself and get into time of the evil monster mountain range and at the right moment want to fit together.
The Xing Ming seemed to thought of what, can not help toward these 3 people's hands up see go, indeed as expected, therein the finger of the left hand of a young men up, have the trace in a white.
"Indeed as expected is so, this ring is unexpectedly yours!?"
The Xing Ming comes out the ring set of bosom and wear at the hand of that young man up, that trace and ring at the right moment fit together, the very small amount isn't bad, his facial expression not from change.
The Xing Ming has been able to affirm now, the host of this ring are the young man that is killed!
Is greedy!
Suddenly present a , this phrase language in the brain of Xing Ming, he also understood at the same time, those three persons' identities that start to oneself, they should are all persons of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment, after carrying out a task, do some homicides at the same time the plots of goods is more!
From attire to come up to see, the person of these three people and those three strong breeze mercenary soldier regiments wills never is a same group of people and be all dressed in extremely rough skin AN on these three Human bodies, weapon scatter beside, also is to do achievement very coarseness, should be common adventure.
But those three cutthroats then are different, wear on their body of, is all month A.Though the grade of month A not is very high, can also not is a general adventure to own.
Hence, the Xing Ming starts bold reasoning, the person of these three strong breeze mercenary soldier regiments, met these three riskies first, particularly the ring that they saw in that young hand, immediately have greedy of heart, then give° these 3 people to kill, rend away a ring.
Later on, they intentionally played a drama, purpose be for the sake of attraction neighborhood of adventure, continue to rob thus!
"The greedy heart that can arouse those 3 people, lets them kills people more goods, this ring is worth of not thin!"The details of Xing Ming begins last of the utter darkness ring, secretly thought of in the heart.
Then the association of thought rises that young girl to assault own of time, burst upon in the weapon on the hand, the brain of Xing Ming neutrally engraved to appear four big words:Space ring!
That's right, affirmation BE
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