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lancel bags 2013 and speak words like this
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TOPIC: lancel bags 2013 and speak words like this

lancel bags 2013 and speak words like this 11 months, 1 week ago #81366

  • zanpdnge96
Distressly bumps at the Human body of front up.
But gram inside, already silly eye, clearly and in the moment empty empty of, unexpectedly and suddenly appear a person.And, this person how looking at to acquaint with so, long of so handsome.Seem to be unclearly where once see.
Suddenly, his eyes Zheng of to cow eye similar big, eat in mouth of way:"Lee, Lee, Li Si is especially!"
But there of Bo wood, drive just of gram inside so a call, but is an in the mind flurried matchless, thinking oneself was disheveled hair now.Will escape, but at this time, the place in the center burst upon one personal shadow.Blocked more than ten city Weis soldier.He is also stunned speechless.
That general distressly holds tight Ma Sheng and towards the person of at present emergence to drink a way:"Who are you ?Step aside quickly and quickly, we want to arrest escaped convict Li Si especially.Irrelevantly move out of the way."
This general sees the general emergence method of square south demon, he who once see a big world certainly knows, this is a kind of sorcery, and this person is certainly a person of must not be offended.But now, he is just wanting anxious fire Liao of catch Li Si especially, have no a mood to talk with this person.
But, the square south sees this general point at he or she after death, and speak words like this, also stunned speechless.The half rings, he just understands and originally point in that gram of isn't oneself, is that movements in oneself's back uncanny person.
"Is dry!I What an an idiocy!"
Chapter 159 on doing not do, two endlessly!【Lift the ban 】
【Like, today finally the modification came over. 】
Square South Africa is often angry, oneself flees from home so long, unexpectedly drive an ordinary of any further not the small guy of ability banality to falsely discover.
"Is dry!He.Niang of!"
That general is about to strong the horse stop bottom, but see a front, the the person who bursts upon unexpectedly aren't moved by the slightest own words, settle once the Jing see, feel some noodles familiar, thousand times of an after, this general eyes suddenly stare eldest brother.
The mouth is a , wildly shout a way:"Li Si especially, you are Li Si especially."
His voice is really too big, words an export, and temporarily engrave and then get about while ascending the whole company's brigade.So of company the brigade waiter and guard Be surprised to be getting more foolish, all city Wei soldier food for powders are getting more shocked.Gram inside and Bo the wood was also frightenned.
Square the south was wrinkly eyebrows to see his one eye chillily.Just one eye, let this general shut to ascend mouth.
This general drive square the south stared at one eye and immediately felt mind to be mercilessly bumped for a while and imitated Buddha a head of the Ultrasaurus is cutting up rough of looking at oneself generally, that kind of the Zhe person's vehemence, unexpectedly let he the momentary could not say words.
Calmness!Only two
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