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lancel 1er flirt prix that was like to reply an army to take down
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TOPIC: lancel 1er flirt prix that was like to reply an army to take down

lancel 1er flirt prix that was like to reply an army to take down 11 months, 1 week ago #81354

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Of cards in the hand, the civilian heard 《in June imperial enactment 》 promulgating clear maple, the concentration protected the civilian's benefits and secretly supported replying an army in succession to the news paying tax according to the income amount.So purple China city just has to close tightly city gate with green China city and impose curfew and keep more and more civilians from city to go and live with to reply an army.
Go to this, the Suo breeze gets lord the demon turn the plan of clear maple to fall to the ground, original civilian the cold blooded sword evil clear maple image have already completely presented new look now and become to hold ten word swords in the middle of the heart and rob rich benefit poverty of chivalrous man's image.
The Lu China city.
A brigade is covered with the warrior of aluminum A to ride a war horse to crush under foot a morning of silent.That brigade person's horse stops before the Mou pulls official residence, in front of one person black hair Mo Tong, a silver hat ties green silk and wears solid white sword to pack, the waist is inclined to fasten one handle lance, be covered with gray big Hui, is exactly reply an army military adviser wing Shuo snow.
He stops a horse, Mou's pulling has already gone out to face to come up, he obviously didn't thought of that the meeting is a wing Shuo snow and oneself together go, cans not help asking a way:Why is "his highness 》 it the his highness that gets a soldier?"Brushing past one silk in the eye that the Mou pulls was uneasy, but was soon covered by the pupil of the eye of air.
"The his highness occupies, the wing is some to together go with general."Wing Shuo snow right away answers.The Mou pulls to have no again say what, ride a war horse leads 2,000 people dynasty the direction of green China city rush through.
The heavy stone coffin is pushed away, indeed as expected is empty coffin.The Mou pulls to walk to the front of the coffin and by hand buttonned up to button up coffin bottom, sees push away 1 F organization and make an effort to turn axle, public hear the voice that the slab of stone be withdrawn by the organization, a stone stairs appears in the public in front.
The Mou pulls one hand of raising, "the everybody please follow me."
On the other hand, the clear maple life card rice pulls full general to get the Lu China city 40,000 decline the soldier as forepart, the swordsman tree copies, warrior gram orchid each the fortress that get 10,000 crack knights to act as two wings, let the patrol go to the sky move 60,000 battalions get to green China city to outside gather.The magic star cluster is got frost department generally by the Yi Hui, the north temple You gets generally burning department, cover battalion to ascend city.
The with swords unsheathed and bows drawn atmosphere was equally infected guarding of green China city soldier.The clear maple sees numerous huge Nus of city tower be pushed to come up, that kind of three huge people Nu of the power, one arrows is good enough to penetrate heavy ride the soldier's battle armor, at green China city opposite of low hill up, he even can see numerous firearmses.
Obviously is the raid to the magic star cluster have been already taken precautions against already, emperor's son although knowing green China city is solid if strongly fortified city, the fielding is severe,have never thought preparation thus careful and attentive, obviously, this green China city guards Mo Long not mediocre man.
If wing Shuo snow canning not result in was confusion, that was like to reply an army to take down
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