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lv bags discount I discarded your to fix for
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TOPIC: lv bags discount I discarded your to fix for

lv bags discount I discarded your to fix for 11 months ago #81352

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Don't lose temper, looking at to pour eyes to expose hatred poison on the ground of the Chuang Wei of color listen to and lightly say:"The Chuang Wei listens to, please listen to good, is like the sort that my eldest brother says, you now just my prisoner, use the threat on the speech, is can not save your own, want to take off to trap, only a way, that is the honest answer my problem, otherwise, I will make you know result!"
The Chuang Wei listens to cold cold on smiling, Ao however say:"I is the staff of master under charge in the Chuang, open Wu Shen, will accept defeat to you again?!"
"That had better however!"The Xing Ming blocked the Xing Feng that wants to again begin and took on the face bad badly smile an idea, say:"Open martial absolute being adult, I gave you advice for the last time, from now on, if you again dishonest answer my problem, I discarded your to fix for, refused to answer a question, I discarded you a blood vessels, arrive end you if also don't answer, I put on your pubic region, let you become a common run of people!"
"You ……!"The Chuang Wei listens to immediately great anger, but as for look in the eyes that see Xing Ming that icy cold, the former of the words then cannot say any further, what he saw come out, if he really ill-matched words, the of Xing Ming settle however will say do of arrive!
The Chuang Wei listens to angrily uneven cold to hum a , changed direction head a part, don't see Xing Ming.
The Xing Ming immediately smiled, the Chuang Wei listenned to of the action, undoubtedly explained that he has already taken soft, which afraid just just superficial of, have been all right already as well to Xing Ming.
"I come to ask you, you I had no Yuan to have no enemy recently in the past, you why want to suddenly take person to arrest me, why wanted to suddenly assault to accept a luck and show off sun two high statuses again?"The Xing Ming lightly asks a way and pointed to point a flank to accept at the same time luck with show off the sun 2 people's soul.
The Chuang Wei listens to despise of cold hum a , don't talk, obviously is would not like to so the answer problem of the honesty.
"See, you still don't remember my words!"Xing Ming says and takes to lightly smile an idea on the face, came forward to walk two, in a soft voice say:"Now that you thus hard spirit, I pour to hope that you can be always hard throughout, never the midway take soft!"
The Xing Ming arrived at Chuang Wei to listen to before the body and looking at the latter to take the air of one silk flustered in that hatred poisonned, the hand of Xing Ming took ascend the shoulder of the latter, the five fingers is tiny bent, hair dint!
Ga Mao!
Bone's livinging is kneaded ground depressed sound, let the whole general mansion owners in the big hospitals all cannot help but heart to living a cold idea, feels the back is ice-cold, the touching of subconscious touches shoulder, feel unclearly
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