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lancel bags usa "Hugely blare interjection to resound through a group of mountains
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TOPIC: lancel bags usa "Hugely blare interjection to resound through a group of mountains

lancel bags usa "Hugely blare interjection to resound through a group of mountains 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81347

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Own question, the person of this world isn't a fool again, since everyone knows that there is mysterious strength in this canyon, is that how can unmoved!?
The Feng pure dance shakes head a way:"Natural someone once studies, and this ten thousand years comes and have already had innumerable of strong come an investigation, but can not find the slightest of clues, even the mainland is three of an of show off sun, all come to lead in person, but result he can not also find out concrete reason, don't know where this mysterious strength actually comes from as well!"
The Xing Ming slowly nods and wish this just reasonable, just surprisingly, this a martial being terrible was unexpectedly attracted to the evil monster mountain range to come to fish for!
"You exactly is where of fix true?Attain Mahayana to expect, can at will break open space interface, come and go in each noodles from such as?Why did you want to participate the war of blue sky mainland again?"
The Xing Ming appears lost in thought of looking at afar, numerous Yi regiments the Shan is now in the brain.
"Elder sister, Xing eldest brother you see, a duck hawk flew to walk!"Feng pure Ru the clear and crisp voice suddenly ring out and immediately let the pullout of Xing Ming thoughts and feelings, settle Jing to see.
Sees front hilltop, a whole body is snow-white, the body huge duck hawk suddenly hurtles a sky but rises and immediately starts to take a burst of strong breeze, this duck hawk in the sky wields several bottom wings and grow to blare a , slowly the hilltop of opposite in the facing canyon flies.
"Jiu-!"Hugely blare interjection to resound through a group of mountains, numerous evil monsters flurried avoid to let, cluster top of hill a burst of Sao is disorderly.
Does the 牠 unexpectedly want to cross a canyon?The Xing Ming cans not help a surprised, not is say to have no anyone to can pass a canyon?
Is very quick, the duck hawk then gave with the activity the answer of Xing Ming, sees snow-white duck hawk of whole body quickly once fly a canyon and just turns an eye, flew into white fog curled up, be missing a trace and shadow.
Xing Ming not from saw Feng pure to dance one eye again, if take while leaving the duck hawk steals red burning grass, isn't the success rate very Gao?Why does oneself still don't want to help?
Seemed to see through the viewpoint of Xing Ming, the Feng pure dance said:"You need not see me like this, the duck hawk has the highest intelligence, the 牠s can't leave at the same time, there is one in the head quarter stay in the den.And it, go out of that can't leaves too far, either, I have already for several times once tried, each time as long as I have an activity and stay in the duck hawk in the den will crary dynasty my attack, the duck hawk for leaving will also in cutty time inside rush through back!"
The Xing Ming slowly nods and says:"Since it is so, before the duck hawk leaving comes back, is led the duck hawk of opening inside in the den by me, you take advantage of an opportunity to pick
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