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lancel bags uk "Then you with lend outstanding ability unexpectedly gradually be last country teacher
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TOPIC: lancel bags uk "Then you with lend outstanding ability unexpectedly gradually be last country teacher

lancel bags uk "Then you with lend outstanding ability unexpectedly gradually be last country teacher 11 months, 1 week ago #81335

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The child marries a girl country teacher the white for month."
Cluster minister in every aspect and mutually Qu, across crape, the facial expression of the month white delivers white unclearly, very difficult see.
The country teacher month white always receives noodles by crape at the public situation, but probably can guess her should be the young girl of young age, but only this and no more be good enough to make bless emperor's son to love at first sight, also lead long too much strong.
The E copies to spread one in bedroom surprised shout."What!There is that mix Zhang to propose to the old elder sister?"The E copies water almost being drunk to suffocate, he coughed several voices to turn to read to say with smile:"However, the old elder sister gets married, is also a good matter.At least later no one took care of me ……"
However the shadow of the one side let a complexion deadly pale, mumblingly say:"That person is two emperor the son become to bless, although the Wei fertile king hasn't declared,the Wei fertile king sees appearance, should grant a marriage."
The cope of night has no voice to condescend to come.
Shimmer Ying in the pure temple become to bless Ying, a Gu light drifts in the bise of the midnight.
Yi Hu Wen Jiu's thin joss-stick lingers around in the night view and like strong drink with fertile person of common Wei different, become to bless to on the contrary is partial to diluted wine.The emperor starts to carry one cup wine of sons and hopes the bright moon of the sky and imitates a Buddha to feel that that is the white good-looking month face, he mumbling way:"Month white, your heart, I unexpectedly still not understand, you are actually ……"
Is abrupt however the door was opened by a burst of breeze book, emperor's son was just preparing to start to close the door, but saw a black dress woman to walk to come in, that person in addition to next hide the black towel of noodles, peep out to permit as the month good-looking side, is exactly the country teacher month white.
"Month white?"Becoming to bless to really eat an is surprised.
"How, don't welcome I to?"She becomes to bless an opposite chair in 1 up, "become to bless, probably we should discuss well, you ……" her facial expression be completely covered by the veil in 1 F black, " you today why excite like this?"
Become to bless to pour one cup diluted wine for the white in month, oneself also sat down a way:"You know of, four year agos I have already fancied you, so just lead your Jian to do to have star teacher to imperial house."Become the face blessing Be tiny and red to say all of a sudden:"Then you with lend outstanding ability unexpectedly gradually be last country teacher, since we have been of equal status, why not ability together?Directly invite father Wang Zhun's marrying on the contrary can save many resistances that come from everyone's noodles ……"become to bless the hands of white that want to pull a month, the finger mutually touches, month white but as getting an electric shock took back a hand, stand, interrupted into the words for blessing:"But become to bless, do you think that I definitely agree?Widing awake is some ……"
Become the facial expression for blessing immediately pale many, he imitates a Buddha to mean to say what, but can not reveal a half in the beloved woman in front of this oneself
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