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sac adjani lancel soft track
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TOPIC: sac adjani lancel soft track

sac adjani lancel soft track 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81331

  • vamphnbu62
Rise of at the same time, be secretly also complaining of hard lot in the heart.
However, let the Xing Ming feel surprising more BE, work properly the son unexpectedly has no opinion to this, which afraid Xing Ming several times 3 a time sound out and work properly son also just smile language not, seem to all turn a blind eye to the all theses!
The Xing Ming cans not help more curious, that mother actually to work properly son and other two the females said what, let they all unexpectedly thus of abnormal?
However, Xing Ming although 100 think not to get its solution,still can not get answer, end, also can throw this affair to one side, he still needs to do more important affair!
This day, the Xing Ming stands before a table of set of rooms, on the table of his in front, put full various medicine material, have the medicine stone the gold rock and live to work properly grass among them, and other a great deal of best medicine material.
The flank in herb medicine puts a medicine Ding, and several evil monster crystal pit!
That's right, the Xing Ming wants to make pill!
Permitted noble family to get from the Mu the seventh seven after, star treasures' bead and large numbers of medicine materials' Xing Ming then the returning to of no time for waiting setting sun city.He can feel now, own real strenght is more and more strong, perhaps can not lead for several years, this world can not permit himself/herself any further, when the time comes, will work properly boundary or is a Xuan boundary, even in, the meeting goes to legendary fairyland also perhaps!
Therefore, the Xing Ming wants before this, will work properly the real strenght of son also and promote to enough strong extent and also only have thus, so as to make her leave a blue sky mainland together with she!
2 people distinguish of have been too long, the Xing Ming doesn't think to be again and work properly son separate a short moment!
The Xing Ming will make pill a stove to open and cautiously recall a concerning refining chain to work properly the main theme of gold Dan in the brain, 28 of the whole body works properly strength to screw on to start to quickly revolve.
The chain works properly gold Dan, can the forging person's soul, it is a best miracle drug to be good enough to call up.Want to refine a Dan medicine like this, naturally careless don't get!
Is more important, although this time medicine material got is many, but live to work properly grass but only one stub.As for the medicine stone gold rock then enough use.Refine a chain to work properly gold Dan, as long as the medicine stone gold rock joined just some little powder, have been enough!
Consider a long time, Xing Ming long long tone, again made pill a heat of cover to get up, turned round to walk to go out.
Just on opening the door, saw work properly positive Qiao of son to livinged a rare station at the door, see the Xing Ming come out and worked properly son to immediately peep out smiling face, soft track:"Childe, but can not refine?"
The Xing Ming is tiny to shake head, way:"Work properly son, you follow me!"
Work properly son some Mings that surprisedly looking at Xing, ask a way:"Childe, you not is say to make pill of time can not be bothered?"
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