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sac lancel flirt true war experience affirms last 牠 of hard peter of two brotherses.
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TOPIC: sac lancel flirt true war experience affirms last 牠 of hard peter of two brotherses.

sac lancel flirt true war experience affirms last 牠 of hard peter of two brotherses. 11 months, 1 week ago #81321

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The childe's nuisance of!"The Kang 婼 immediately says and take on the face brilliant of smiling face.
Empty Li and iron Hao however 2 people also immediately follow to nod, Xing Ming and work properly son 2 people sweep the strong real strenght of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment, let 3 people all can not help heart in frightened.
3 people also truely know, oneself and of Xing Ming, exactly have how of margin!
Looking at 3 people to rise the will to fight of Yang, Xing Ming ha ha a smile:"Since it is so, that we are now......"His words haven't finished saying, suddenly hear the deep place of forest, suddenly spread a sharply blare to call:"Jiu!!"
Xing Ming immediately a surprised, "is a small black interjection!"
The words sound just fell, his foot immediately delivered dint, and the moment ran about wildly but went to toward the forest deep place.Being big black low to roar is a , immediately heel at Xing Ming behind.
"How to do?"The figure that looking at Xing Ming, the empty Li could not help asking 1.
"Keep up with!"The Kang 婼 Jiao drinks 1 and led off to run in the past, the hot Jiao Qu swayed a curve of a way daintiness.
"Walk!"Empty Li 2 people immediately heel come forward.
The Xing Ming quickly arrives at a hilltop of evil monster mountain range deep place and immediately sees, a huge duck hawk that all over grows multicolored feather, continuously scream, the feather root root of Bo neck place sticks out and imitate a Buddha like facing mortal enemy general.
This multicolored duck hawk is exactly small black.In the sun 牠 that huge beak and sharp huge claw Shan wears cold light.
In the small black opposite, is two alone the form a little bit compare small black a little bit small duck hawks, these two duck hawks grow three colourful feathers and equally have sharp beak and huge claw, that huge vehemence compares with small black, not the slightest bad!
The Xing Ming immediately recognized out, those two duck hawks of small black opposite were exactly those three twos in the brotherses of牠 .
The Xing Ming sees vision go toward the afar again and indeed as expected discover, in the small black rear the sky, a huge duck hawk that all over gleams seven colourful ray of lights is taking a small duck hawk slowly wields wing, two duck hawks unexpectedly like this suspend in the sky!
"That seven colourful duck hawks, seem is examining small black real strenght?!"The Xing Ming cans not help startled, two small black brotherses from small grow up in the forest, and then have two become adult duck hawk of with concentrated effort guidance, affirmation is a veteran warrior, the real strenght is strong matchless.
But small black although have been being ownly worked properly dint Wen Yang, , in this year in several times, small black but have never experienced what the combat of vehemence, true war experience affirms last 牠 of hard peter of two brotherses.
But now, those seven colourful duck hawks unexpectedly let small black a to two, under the circumstance like this, small
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