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bracelet lancel
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TOPIC: bracelet lancel

bracelet lancel 11 months, 1 week ago #81309

  • kvzdpcx29
The shape of interest, but this rosy facial expression again have a little not too naturally, imitating the Buddha is the facial expression of the last fragrance of flower person.
The clear maple also tooks a look emissary and see he stare at own face to see and imagine is discover oneself's facial expression of different, just a sneeze doesn't know to is to don't fall many of rouge earthquakes, he the subconscious ground put on a cheek, luckily ……
The breeze is ground the emissary knowing a quilt keeps on seeing again and sooner or later wants to wear to help, hence shout at top of voice a way:"You are this guy, what things and quickly presented up, what is up say quickly, whet Ceng what, his highness of time is very precious!"
The emissary sees breeze ground to lose temper, quickly defense way:"Is disrespectful, just see his highness surprised if nature and man, the charming dashing world is rare, temporarily dejected, offense should ten thousand die."
Once the clear maple listen to, although know perfectly well is a leasing, in the heart be still on enjoying, wish these get a lord of belong to the next mouth to pour is very sweet, ah, who don't love to listen to luxurious?
The eyes Piao of wing Shuo snow for a while, that emissary's mouth the side Be tiny to raise contemptuous smiling face.
"Suo breeze's getting a lord has already been suffered utter defeat by the our army, Zu Chuan, the sky fortress all already in the our army hand, the magic star cluster is already adjusted a degree by clear maple his highness, the crack army corps of the absolute being thunder whole army is routed, these think that necessarily you know."Wing Shuo snow didn't wait emissary openings then and first voice Duo person."The Suo breeze is already a mansion Qing, you still keep advising thin Ni gram Si to understand the changes of the times, imitating a Sa orchid probably can avoid exterminating entire of disaster."
The emissary knows oneself the wing Shuo snow Ling tooth Li Chi, if oneself cuts short, by all means is humiliated, doesn't talk as well, takes out a wax pill from the Xiu, sends up.
The clear maple gets hold of right hand, the center of palm of hand is made an effort to knead ground, sees a letter rearing.Top but have no a word.
"Is this what mean?"
The emissary answers a way:" Gold the chrysanthemum wear sword to pull out, there are some black powders in the scabbard of a sword, there is deadly poison, on the paper, the Sa's record of writing will present, but the record of writing disappears after the quarter."
Breeze ground Du Nong a , "so troublesome."But also have to make by old formula.
"Soldier country important event, have to carefully."The emissary excuses me a way.
The black powder casts net, the record of writing gradually rears.
"To Ya Bi Si, Wang Yi, , clear maple his highness.
Several before decade, the matter of new moon internal rebellion, at under feel keenly sorry and ashamed, just grandfather, the fathers all have been already died, blood debt should also now thin go.As for cloud Lan city is one matter, Be just Mo Rui
Er one person does ghost, so I didn't use the star sky knight's regiment of the crackest troops ……"
See here, in the clear maple heart sneer at for a while, this is to lead long again strong however of reason, black wing knight's regiment of central first in the plain is still
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