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sacs lancel can not help clapping and shouting "bravo""admire
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TOPIC: sacs lancel can not help clapping and shouting "bravo""admire

sacs lancel can not help clapping and shouting "bravo""admire 11 months, 1 week ago #77403

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Doesn't the felling arrive Chen Feng's energy to undulate?"The ocean corner of mouth suddenly floats the smiling face of arising from the letter and says" you grasp our purposes for the sake of the Ma Di Si proposal, so absolutely can't kill our in the middle and whichever person, the words like this can not explain why will Chen Feng lose energy motion.So I suppose boldly, is the world of dream that you create here!"
The heart hears here, can not help clapping and shouting "bravo""admire,
sacs lancel, you incredibly can in short time find this world is a dream world,
lancel flirt bag, but since the body is in the dream world world, you should know that I am invincible in this world."
The ocean sneers at 1 and says"hum, that can be not definitely."
21.A spool of remarkable talent youth-chapter 20 absolute being ghost Mo Di's remarkable talent
Ocean finishes saying this sentence, the hands suddenly explode to project blue immediately coagulate into a soldier in the center of palm only, two gleam three Chinese foot lances of cold long grass to in a twinkling present,
Scared way"you incredibly how know to resume super ability?"
"This has what strange of, I since know that this is the dream world,, have way to let naturally oneself to resume super ability.Because the dream is a kind of corpus experience, a person to produce an imaginary image, voice or felling etc. while sleeping, is also say,
louis vuitton online outlet, the dream is a kind of consciousness behavior.So you can pass consciousness to make me lose super ability, I can also care to know the inside to I transplant the super ability resumes of thought, then my true instauration in the dream world super ability."The ocean stares at the other party,, although he just senior high school student, but completed university the doctoral self-educated course is clear to the science explanation of the dream world nature even,
buy lancel online.
The ocean says"reveal, the dream world world was the strength of the spirit, as long as my spirit consciousness thinks I is omnipotent, I the ability become God in the dream world world, dream world world is letter think true world."
If the heart finishes listenning to and smile to smile" if this dream world world is known with your idea form,, so really can become God such as that sort that you say, but very sorry, this world knows formation by my idea, while your consciousness be pulled into dream world by me,
lancel delice handbag, so become in this world god's of still keep being me."
If the ocean believes him, because just he transplant world for own consciousness to collapse ground concept, but the dream world world has no reaction.So he knows heart are true,
lancel handbags in uk, this world takes him as idea to know existence, ocean beyond control dream world world,, can to oneself consciousness
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