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collection lancel Purple Yan war absolute being big Zhang Kou
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TOPIC: collection lancel Purple Yan war absolute being big Zhang Kou

collection lancel Purple Yan war absolute being big Zhang Kou 11 months, 1 week ago #77391

  • ajcprshh89
The Yao is simple!After all there isn't small margin on the real strenght.
I really what then not get you, burning very sighed tone, on the body of burning very of the dint completely refrained from rash action!
Looking at burning very have already accepted a hand, blaze a star to also equally take back 12 stars of guardings.The dint of the stars out of the body is also complete of dissipation.
Evil burning Tao sky!Is burning evil wildly roar 1!Around and completely turned to make one fire sea, a way fire wave flows out toward the purple Yan and seem to to drown he is therein,
collection lancel!
Roar!The purple Yan body civil war absolute being roars 1 from flew out!Purple Yan war absolute being big Zhang Kou, that a way fire wave drive it to swallow!
Roar.The war absolute being in the burning evil body also roared!A head of burned evil burning war absolute being of black to fly out,!Making a pounce upon of madness purple Yan war absolute being,!
Bomb!The two war absolute being crary collision is together!Terrible strength moment of give the whole fire sea separate!The whole ice Yuan vibrates more badly.
"Guardant,, do I see let them going to while beating so,
sacs a mains lancel, be perhaps falling down here?"The burning star tooks a look burning very way.
We go up to separate those two war absolute being.It is burning to very took a look a burning star way.Although all of them are the superiors of absolute being ranks, even if here fall to also harm not arrive they, if this falls, the perhaps whole ice unique hole will also be subjected to influence!It is the guardant of forbidden ground.Does he how to looking at unique hole of ice to ruin.
Is burning very, burning the star all flew in the past,
louis vuitton usa, huge of burning very of dint, the dint of the stars all broke out!Purple Yan war absolute being,
louis vuitton factory outlet, burning evil the war absolute being was shaken to fly to go out.The whole ice Yuan violently vibrates.Seeming will fall down generally!
The burning evil and purple Yan took back his/her own war absolute being!The strength on the body also gradually spread to go to!Lead for a long time, the whole ice Yuan just calculate quiet next go!
You are really very good, the purple Yan walks to come forward to hope a burning evil old Zu way.Just one war, he to burning evil the real strenght also had some understand.Is perhaps not weaker than him which.
Is burning evil to looking at his way:"So now how do you prepare to do?Still want to begin?"
bracelet lancel, burning very shook to shake head a way:"Then the war descends, perhaps also hard divide a victory or defeat.Nothing important meaning thus also,
lancel recrutement."
You are really fantastic, purple Yan tooks a look a burning star way:"We guarded forbidden ground for 700 years, you were a first one to let a helpless person.You leave."
Thanks, however I hereafter probably also come.The burning star looking at two
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