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lancel hong kong hoping of despise to heavy building.
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TOPIC: lancel hong kong hoping of despise to heavy building.

lancel hong kong hoping of despise to heavy building. 11 months, 1 week ago #77295

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Can the thinking you win?"Pure evil sneer way, hoping of despise to heavy building,
"Who say he is a ~~~ still have me~~~" a voice of Jiao frailty spreads from the industry air,, sees a purple dress young girl light write a rightness of small feet Yas are in the unreal take a stroll since then, cut off the facial appearance of color take a light sarcastic color, is exactly a small purple Xuan.
The heavy building looking at to step empty since then small purple Xuan, the wry smile is a , if the just purple Xuan makes moves to mutually save in time when oneself meets life danger and estimate that oneself has no obstacle that way breaks eight class highest points now,, advanced nine classes......
"Xuan Xuan, I not is make you wait outside the city,
lancel hong kong?"The heavy building in a soft voice says and looking at this to dance in the night sky of spirit.
The Xuan Xuan sweet girlish voice way:"I am to think outside wait you in the city~~ but just heard spread in the city of the voice ring, did the somebody else can not let go you to run~~~" says,
lancel uk store, be suffused with one in the small purple Xuan beautiful Mou light strange burst of color,, surprised way:"Elder brother~~~ your strength of Xuan Xuan felling became strong again ah~~~"
The heavy building has no shaking of language and touched touch a nose, way:"That you at a watch from the sidelines a war, I to handle these two guys!"
"Don't !"Purple Xuan Zhang Kou brush-off way:"Now that I came, will handle trouble for elder brother~~"
The heavy building funnily sees toward the purple Xuan and say with smile:"Is needless, the elder brother can handle,"
"Do not go!"The small purple Xuan Du wears a small mouth, a spirit shouts of appearance, really let the heavy building have no language.
Sighed to shake to shake head, the heavy building hand held an evil knife point to point at pure evil and that old, say:"Is all right~~~ take you can't~~~ since it is so,
lancel mini flirt, underneath of two old men literally pick a ~~~"
Is pure evil and that old and station at not distance of seven kill is that the facial expression is a burst of green a burst of white......
Small purple Xuan a rightness of sarcastic big eyes at pure evil and that old body top back and forth sweep, the vision finally settles a space the silent old body is over there up, sweet girlish voice way:"That I chose him,
lancel reyes, saw he put one is silent language not, very cool appearance, how see how to owe to beat~~~"
Hear the small purple Xuan such Hai person's words,
lancel premier flirt bag, the heavy building almost flops to go from the empty half and surprisedly sees toward that elf in the night sky, mumbling way:"This bond maid whom learn this set ofly~~~"
The old being pure evil nearby has already annoyed sallowly and gnash the teeth with hatred of looking at air small purple Xuan,
lancel wallets for women, hate a track:"Bond maid!You......
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