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TOPIC: a certain memory Qing Xie enters brain

http://lancelhandbagsoutletsho​ a certain memory Qing Xie enters brain 11 months, 2 weeks ago #77220

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Have a headache,"
"Your meaning is ……do they want to deal with me?"From the words of Ao Ma Er, the summer Er listenned to point clues.
Nobility,, only bright fasten to just have of light hair, she had the condition of many"dark eye" cancellation targets.

The eye of chapter 9 blackness(two)

Why does the eye that is dark want to deal with me?
Take question like this, after ending a sorcery course and greatly eat, the summer Er returns her that very small bedroom.
This time in order to having the Ao Ma the going together of Er, sneak attack don't also appear.
From people's look in the eyes inside, she sees a kind of emotion-be afraid of.
Although the Ao Ma Er claims to be a temporary tutor, the outward appearance is also young,the summer Er can feel that other apprentices are many while seeing him severals fear, that is the awe to the strong.
This Ao Ma Er ·west the Er Si should be a common person, otherwise the director can't chooses him to come to be my tutor, either, even if ……just temporary.
Is similar to yesterday, the summer Er feels that oneself was very quick and then wased droopy, she lay on the cold hard bed and haven't come yet and want to know why will love to sleep thus on the twoth recently,
louis vuitton handbag, double the eye sleeps an idea because of canning not hold up against but slowly shuts up.
See the Ao Ma that sleep joss-stick rise a function, sit upright on the deck chair Er slowly and walk to the Er in summer nearby.He takes off black gloves and reared don't attach with age of double arm.
The skin atrophied and disgraced up, can see the blood vessel of convex everywhere, emaciated finger such as cultivation death of the sorcery demon of Shu.
Part reads low tedious incantation, Ao Ma Er simultaneously sound out sex of lightly reply the right hand to the sum of the Er in summer, there have be compared to boundary of ground be called the strongest curse of it engrave,
Lancel Handbags.
Look like common incantation but have an ordinary people imagination not to arrive strongly to adsorb dint,
used louis vuitton handbags, the Ao Ma Er feels whole body of the magics all seem and be printed by Long Xing of this palm size to record to absorb light,
For an instant, a certain memory Qing Xie enters brain, he unconsciously saw anticipate outside of thing.
"Ha ah!"
The about 10 years old kid brandishes an in effort still want Gao Chu few big sword than he or she's height, originally should be a very and heavy hands weapon, at this only and the common run of people
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