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lancel en ligne 
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TOPIC: lancel en ligne 

lancel en ligne  11 months, 1 week ago #70789

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, Deeply vomit a Na, right hand Gao highland raised, 15 hairs most long, the statures is the biggest, the fierce Mao elephant of the most sharp-edged tooth, a turn of big eyes that is all double eyelid are bad to ruthlessly stare He Ren Hui,
lancel en ligne, the tooth flutters, the tail is or so to jilt, didn't believe to evilly hurtle to come over, He Ren Hui deeply absorbed tone, Li from slowly arrive quickly and forward on flicking, a record to cut word Jue to comply with the surrounding to run out whole body of the dint flick to concuss out!
Is a burst of to anxiously blare to break an empty voice,
lv outlet online, the ground is brought about white fog of 1 F to brush past 15 bodies of fierce Mao elephants!
15 huge fierce Mao elephant Lengs wore to stop and was like a quilt certainly the body Shu is general,
lancel 70, eyes gradually become dejected!
"Bang bombs!"
15 fierce Mao elephants disappear without basis, the sky is many one Peng cigarette ash, the cigarette ash beats floating of Xuan to spread and brings a burnt flavor.Surroundings of superior's eardrum living painful, be like drive malicious a record box on the ear.When their reflection come over, the man who takes a long-handled sword slice already mysteriously disappearance.
He Ren Hui's disease rush half of two-hour period just slowly stopped down, rapidly rush to seem to activate his thoughts and feelings also!
With Huang Tu's allied troops' war capability, early can the Sen Luo's city one drum take down, can why do they round but don't break?Pass Qiaos in it where is it placed in?
Sen Luo don't the city have attraction to Huang Wu Qi?
Be not, will never be!Sen Luo have a leading the way of hell and deliver the absolute being machine bearing again to rotate a mirror set in city, who can capture the Sen Luo's city to control to rotate a mirror set, undoubtedly equal a talented person who controled the hell to input piping,!
Why can be not strong line of to attack and occupy?
He Ren Hui sits in silence a short moment, get severals inference.
The first, Huang Wu Qi not isn't interested in the Sen Luo's city, also not is have no the ability take down the Sen Luo's city, of so round to the Sen Luo's city but don't enter, the reason has two:It a, the function of the Sen Luo's city is just and effectively the control to the importation talented person,
lancel angelina, need to be captured over a long period of time, the short date captures meaning not big.It two,
lancel handbags prices, the Sen Luo's city probably some secrets only the Yan king know, while Huang Wu Qi temporarily can not touch pure.Hastily capturing will become hell public enemy while hasing no premise that the real benefit can get.
The second,, Have no fortress wood and depend on Mao mountain two battlefields,, person many Zhis are puckery, the Teng moves not to open, Huang Wu Qi under the sistuation that occupy advantage again open over there 300,000 battalions of Sen Luo's city,,
lancel 75008, temporarily can not win victory, either.Besides, the hell form is complicated, take large-scale sacrifice as a winning victory of premise, the follow-up will definitely let other partieses sit the benefit of enjoying the fisherman.With Yan king of to will never only want to win, and had better want a soldier blood blade not.Under this premise, the wasted troops might as well be pulled up to surround the Sen Luo's city
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