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lv bag outlet "Jump to soar
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TOPIC: lv bag outlet "Jump to soar

lv bag outlet "Jump to soar 11 months, 1 week ago #70769

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 "Hum!Say now that this returned for the vogue early?"Huming of my despise way with lend the protection of battle armor to bump to him.And the strong boon also start in the bumping of my body shot in also appeared one toward the light sword that I oppress silk brief dint Jie,
lv bag outlet.
"Jump to soar??I fly!"Take advantage o this crevice I the legs muscle break out a Deng ground rapidly and backward Lue to go.And the strong boon obviously didn't expect me as well incredibly will use thus the jade is accompanied the recruit type of Fen to please contending for of pure strength Leng is at first,
"Very sharp light sword!"I was just free to take aim one this time eye chest the circumstance of the Kai, under the baptism of ghost sword in the just strong boon, the battle armor of chest has been battered everything is completely changed.A way profound sword scar tells me if being not that I have this battle armor very may drive he to cut apart and spread the body parts around,
lancel reyes.
"Shout ……shout ……!"
"?How?Start panting noisily,
lancel bags for men?Ha ha ha!"
"………………"Calm down, now what to want is to calm down otherwise is a change not phased.
"Does the ground split??Undulate sword,
lancel wallet!"Along with 1 of strong boon up pick of action, the crushed stones of ground mixs up with the sword spirit toward me and arouses and shoots since then, I frightened under ask for help of and jump and soar jumping of Gao Gao since once hid an attack, however have never thoughted of and undulate the sword is in the strong boon of intentionally for bottom incredibly the ability mix sword spirit see among them to his fix for promote very quickly,, however see the strong boon corner of mouth that I start to jump start to hang up one silk bad smile, I who see frightened and disgrace.Damn of, can't fall into trap again,!Body in the sky of my helpless beginning crash down, but strong boon this time but beginning since jump, body place half empty of I basically have no place to avoid being seen.
"Air??Connect to cut!"The light sword in the strong boon hand rows a numerous half month with beautifuls in his hand,
lancel united states, regrettable slight imperfection of is all of the objects of these half month attacks are me.
"Mao!"Be cut a soft fluorescence sword of the my hand of medium shoulder A keep on dropping, and my whole individual also immediately crashes down,
miss lancel.In order to cutting the relation of shot, I crash down of speed compare the strong boon have to be quick, originally think first get to ground and then can take back his/her own light sword, the unfortunately strong boon doesn't give me this opportunity,, the hands hold sword, and the whole individual incredibly suddenly accelerates to stab to me while having no help of outside dint.
"Silver light??Fall blade!"Depend!If got words affirmation so for a while be getting wounded in action.Looking at to close on the heels of afterward strong boon my skin of headses all started becoming numb, damn of,, incredibly in the under charge of strong boon drive whole of thus distress,, doom, hide however!Looking at to more and more approach my
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