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lv hand bags can resent to compete rule
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TOPIC: lv hand bags can resent to compete rule

lv hand bags can resent to compete rule 11 months, 1 week ago #70747

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Last time Tang Shao to time of the war south temple Ji month, once used a Cang dragon ·Fu sun and moon, drive attach body at south the southern temple on the temple Ji month body asks a sky and used a recruit evil cry ·cut Long Quan thoroughly cracked inhibit.
Oneself uses to resist Long Teng Xiao now,, is again locked world to crack to inhibit with the jail by the other party, good each time on recruiting, the other parties all have the way to crack, really don't know south the temple ask a sky to still contain how much Dou skill, can crack Long Xi's remarkable talent.
Tang Shao Leng stares at south the temple ask a sky, the vehemence is roaring, but the in the mind more and more and more feels terrible, feels this matter and there is necessity making collective report to guard against by making for Tang Xi Hong.
Southern temple as far as ask a sky that carefully thinks, Tang Shao how can not know, but really is to have to use Long Xi Dou's skill for the sake of this victory that game, can even if win, the other party will also steal the teacher Long Xi Dou's skill and exist brain in, seek a place, prepare to find out to crack of method.
The common saying says that one method is fresh, eats a sky, south temple asks the sky the main factor for controling to crack Long Xi Dou's skill, as long as the method been what Long Xi Dou's skill,
lv hand bags, be found out by him to crack,
Tang Shao originally wants to use the world inside of Long Can Juan of that is several to recruit,, deal with south the temple ask a sky and beat the other party a caught unprepared.Can pass by repeatedly a thinking,
sacs a mains lancel, Tang Shao immediately feels not satisfactory.
South temple's asking a sky has already made a decision,
louis vuitton buy, defy the law,
lancel handbags, don't request to acquire the key to new-born big match, as long as beg to remember Long Xi Dou's skill, then find out the method for cracking.
If use again strange recruit to deal with him of words, so he will also together, wait for cracking, since it is so, also rather stay, wait hereafter meet can not help,, at be strange recruit to use.
A deliberation later on, Tang Shao finally decides to use he or she to biggestly kill to recruit, a second kills south the temple ask a sky, don't expose other Long Xi Dou's skills.He since wants to crack Long Xi Dou's skill, meeting defy the law, acceptance oneself's Dou skill didn't resist, necessarily lose undoubtedly.
"You don't want exhaustive understand Long Xi Dou's skill, so I use this to recruit and see whether you can answer live!"Tang Shao's vision cold idea however, as if the benefit sword is general, keep a sting south the temple ask the mind in sky.
"Like, come!"The south temple asks a sky also not useless talk, directly withdrew to go to dark black battle armor,
sac adjani lancel occasion, gave up to lift an anti-, prepare hard Kang Tang Shao Yi's shot.As for does the champion of new-born big match, a person who takes failing as glory, also care that honor,
louis vuitton handbags?
Face south the temple ask the way of doing in sky, Qin Cang out of the field is very dissatisfied, originally belong to his new-born big match champion, go to Bai Tang Shao An put together, can resent to compete rule, otherwise Tang Shao necessarily hurts undoubtedly.
However later on Tang Shao to war south the temple ask a sky, Qin Cang beats
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