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sac adjani lancel etc is even
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TOPIC: sac adjani lancel etc is even

sac adjani lancel etc is even 11 months, 1 week ago #63677

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Soul, also like chicken rib general, have no a function."
"This has a dissimilarity, after arriving ranks like saint area,
sac adjani lancel,etc, all the sources of the strength heads all come from to fight a soul!Your war soul is too very special,
lancel paris line, thou absolute being evil blood war soul, therefore need then tremendous soul energy can evolve, so say, you have to loot these saint areas strong of war soul."The little monkey says, " and, what gold Dan promote is outside strength, so will lead to a sky to rob, but use after inclined month SAMSUNG Jue promote fight a soul, promoting of your real strenght is inside, and can't the on the face of it performance come out,, and can't invite a sky to rob,
louis vuitton pochette.Is also say,, even if the your realization toward saint area rule just proceeds from saint area primer, but, smoothly gobble up after fighting a soul, your real strenght can acquire to hugely promote,!You can use ranks like a half absolute being,etc the strength of the ranks like absolute being area,etc is even!"
"Opportunity knocks but once, lose never come again,
lancel bag black,!Rob!"Show unintentionally expectant ray of light in the eyes of easy breeze, he silently fisted a fist, " woulds be to sit mountain view tiger Dou now and sit etc. opportune moment!Once the opportune moment arrive, I settle however will make moves and loot the the saint area superior's war souls in Alsace hand!"
Gao is empty on, the star sky sword saint still keep being getting entangled in fighting with Alsace!
The sad frost of Alsace takes keeping terror in deep freeze of of strength, very and coldly keep Wu spiritual influence in deep freeze interest to make ambulation speed and space rule strength of star sky sword saint consumedly weaken!
The star sky sword saint eyebrows is tiny wrinkly wrinkly, if not is to own the grief of this absolute being machine frost, so, even if is three Alsace and ice frost bone Long Wang lay siege to their himself/herselfs, they will never be their own opponent as well!
"Unexpectedly, you the monster clan unexpectedly and with meticulous care prepared thus big trap!"The ray of light shown unintentionally to make firm decision in the look in the eyes of star sky sword saint, " BE, you really have the hundred percent confidence completely put~to death to kill our person's clan of seven saint area superior,
lancel russia?"
"This time, you person's clan necessarily hurt!"The will-o'-the-wisp in Alsace eyes gleams the ray of light of an excitement, his pointing at distance is just arousing the blood clan of war prince with Caesar, " in addition to I can inhibit your real strenght, our saint area superior of monster clan in, the monster clan sword saint can the Qie rice have already come to an a saint area for peak several years, and,
lancel purse, we send seven saint area superiors of to win and also have a devil that condescends to come from the evil boundary at this time!"
"The devil condescended to come!"The body of star sky sword saint shivered for a while, " has never thought,!You unexpectedly did thus completely preparation!"

【Chapter 179 】angel VS
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