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purses louis vuitton bastard
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TOPIC: purses louis vuitton bastard

purses louis vuitton bastard 11 months, 2 weeks ago #53024

  • kvzdpcx29
News, originally clamored of big palace suddenly hush come down,
purses louis vuitton, the owners were all been getting more shocked by this explosion news, the dismay fills the air on each person's face.
The "sum Er many Si generals he ……" old emperor mumblingly asks a way,
The emissary in"sum Er many Si general horse of 50,000 people drive monster person troops shot Kui, sum Er many Si generals are killed, beaten off of person's horse just to emperors all the direction withdraw ……" is making collective report, suddenly interrupted by the old emperor cut up rough.
"Withdraw, what back, that is to escape, bastard, incredibly withdraw emperors all, that doesn't lead to the Yao to soldier's disaster, mama of ……"the old emperor breaks into abuse to scold a way, at this time flash across in the eyes of the old emperor one silk intention to murder, " the sum Er is many Sis, died thought to died and then have no a matter well is be not, go, killed his whole family man for me, all of the woman of household blink to carry out for slave going,, right away ……"
The old emperor pants noisily to say, end,, he feebly sat down, "we especially orchid empire,
louis vuitton outlet, incredibly even 10,000 monsters the person all arrive to can not hold up against, when we especially the military power of the orchid empire Be weak to arrive this situation ……"
The sum Er is many Sis, central soldier an army corps of first grade army corps long, lead 50,000 troops to go to heel monster the person battle and hurt and then hurt, the whole family man is killed,
louis vuitton overstock, all of the woman devaluate for the slave, this is in the world have no what more more ruthlessness than this result of,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, all big minister atmospheres don't dare to breathe heavily as well, feared oneself to speak amiss a words to ask for Nu just in the his majesty on the spirit head and became the next sacrifice article.
Prince Lee especially the facial expression is metal gray,, the shoulder also lightly shivers, three emperor text in son Europe is on the contrary calmer and steady, while the bright saint female as a country teacher sit in silence in one side yarn Lian still a move also motionless, the monster person almost offended into emperors all, this matter seems to be with her to have no relation.
"We especially how many persons does the central soldier of orchid empire still have now?"The old emperor sighed to at a stretch ask a way.
"Return …… return to his majesty, our emperors all central soldier leaves seven army corpses 150,000 people ……" a big minister stood out to meticulously say,
Louis Vuitton Antheia Hobo.
The "150,000 people ……" old emperor pondered for a while and peeped out as if deep in thought of facial expression, soliloquize ground to say, "150,000 people, can resist 10,000 monster person?"
If"the emperor of the father ……" at this time, think especially at prince Lee of one side he or she also the station came out, soldier faces city now descend, he still a speech not hair ground hide in the part, this prince doesn't also want to keep on doing.
"H'm?"The old emperor sees a prince the station come out to have a little an accident,
lv outlet store, the corner of mouth took out to say for a while, "you again what is up ……"
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