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TOPIC: I walked first

http://whosellslouisvuittonhan​ I walked first 11 months, 1 week ago #52995

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Breeze stop bottom quickly ……"
2 people are surprised to shout, interrupt one person of one monster of will carry on of affair of honor.
"Tiger cub …… don't beat ……"
The lion thought a princess to run up,, the Ye wore tiger Chi stiller thick than her thigh of of arm, use the energy sucking at breast to try very hard to hereafter pull,
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Sees fox enemy's reciting not to know in is what kind of voodoo,, the windstorm evil wolf also started to be quiet down, around body of the strong breeze chemical element also disappear a while without a trace.
Constantly send out roaring cry like wild beast sort in the "shout Chi …… shout Chi ……" tiger Chi, listen to the lion think a talking of princess just the beginning slowly fall calm,
Saw tiger Chi dissatisfiedly "hum-" an and ruthlessly stared at evil wolf of windstorm one eye, ring out along with the voice of a burst of skeleton,, originally already the roaring of colliding billows rise of the body beginning slowly reply original shape,
loui vuitton purses.
Seeing the danger has been already relieved, fox enemy this Lu that is just tiny to breath a sigh of relief, slightly clap to clap a large head of evil wolf of windstorm, turn the head thinks a princess to say to the lion, "save the mark,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, princess, trouble you today ……"
"Is unimportant ……" lion thinks a princess to in a soft voice say.
2 people are a burst of and silent,, good short while, the fox enemy uses to have a little hoarse voice to say,,
"Princess' his highness, if there is no matter, I walked first, monster emperor the his majesty is invoking me ……"
"Is good ……" lion thinks a princess to raise head and slightly takes 1:00 to disappointedly say, "since I father the emperor seek you, that you go first favour ……"
The fox enemy lowers the head natural and unrestrainedly the monster person's gift of going a standard and turned round to walk.
The lion thinks a princess as if deep in thought ground looking at fox the enemy far go of figure, in the mind's being suffused with to have a silk doesn't easily feel wipe of ripple.
Monster person empire imperial palace, the monster emperor's palace.
The monster person officials in the big palace saw bearer one eye, pure the clear voice settling throat say, "the monster person's empire third wolf rides a long fox enemy of army corps army corps to call on the monster emperor's his majesty ……"
"The enemy of the fox?"
"Ha, was a fox enemy to come ……"
Momentary, big many people inside the palace whisper, many people take to envy, jealousy of the vision looking at a front door, fox enemy is who, is the soldier boundary of the monster youngest person's empire Nova, the real strenght of seven ranks pluses again recently a just advanced windstorm evil wolf, at monster person empire in momentary situation have no two.
The fox enemy takes evil wolf of his windstorm, there is the vision that the monster emperor's palace is public to sweep to see in,
louis vuitton purses, take a stroll to walk into a big palace inside, sees his white dress white Qiu , unspeakable and handsome and natural and unrestrained, only be like this kind of small white face, in the monster person's empire but have no market,
louis vuitton handbag, if he didn't correspond real strenght.
The fox enemy walks to come forward to, the list knee kneels down.
"Respect of the lion heart emperor's his majesty, wish you
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