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TOPIC: really interesting​/ really interesting 11 months, 1 week ago #52980

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The house is red house, we dided not anily relate to again hereafter, don't again I with red house put together!"
Red Hong good the dissatisfied talk say of that'the red Hong sword of red house',, the shouting loudly of disaffection is a , then in anger direct turn to make the contractual space that a quickly passing time returned to Xie Yan's arm in,
louis vuitton handbags bloomingdales, free to Xie Yan how call, she is to don't come out,!
"This red Hong sword's pouring is to pretty have a personality,, really interesting,!"The Mo son Jin walks to come forward and says with a smile:"However I pour is that the affair that kills a red text hall to your shot is very interested in,, as I see it,
ebay gucci handbags, red text hall's high status in red house, even than red awakening in the house the red text building of ten article bloods still needs to be subjected to value, you is how the shot kill of he,"
Water absolute being Mo the house and god of fire red house want to come to all see each other with a revolting feeling, every a hundred years a spirit historic relic's opening is each other both parties to contest of place, if have the shot the opportunity to kill the other party pupil, they can't pass.So hear Xie Yan say to is a shot to kill a red text hall, the Mo son Jin immediately came right away interest.
Xie Yan also have no mental reservation, display he small Yan five lines of affairs that melt into nothingness a shot to kill a red text hall in detail said out, Be just Si mind burning fire and finally seize the affairs of red text hall god of fire blood be reserved down by him, these affairs should not also speak now and wait later he truely integrates into the time of Mo house, again suddenly and violently leak out also have no what relate to.
"Green fire Xuan Tong?That is to may compare us the top-class natural endowments magical power that break the eye of method in the Mo house!The no wonder that red rightness red text hall in house thinks greatly of so, if the red text hall self-discipline arrives peak Wu Sheng's territory and even probably ask for help of greatly and successfully of the green fire Xuan Tong chain of territory turn absolute being blood to promote the territory of half absolute being.Kill well and too like, the red house certainly wanted to make to turn over a sky this time can not, ha ha~~~"
Say an end, the Mo son Jin immediately roars with laughter and covers up not to live the excitement and surprise in the heart.
"Xie Yan the brothers is indeed as expected extraordinary, originally I still awake water absolute being blood naturally to you some defy spirit, but you connect red awoke the red text halls of the Tong of green fire Xuans all can the shot kill, I obviously ain't your opponent either,
louis vuitton handbags prices.Too thou seven clan young generation in can make the persons whom I admire few, now again many you 1!"
The Mo son truly came forward to clap to clap the shoulder of thanking the speech and greatly said with a smile,
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"The time that sees Xie Yan's brothers I just finally understood what be called there is mountain outside the mountain someone outside the person, I from Yu cleverness lead person, together once did as well to the strategies thorough research,, only used three years then the self-discipline arrived the peak of deluxe strategies teacher, but henceforth strategies a
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