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TOPIC: I come to self-discipline this Yin absolute being to dominate a big method​/ I come to self-discipline this Yin absolute being to dominate a big method 11 months, 1 week ago #52586

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I come to self-discipline this Yin absolute being to dominate a big method!"
Su's lotus pulls six to living of hand, looking at six to living to shake to shake head.
At this time, stand on the behind of Li Meng Yun but walk to come forward, cold track:"Still make me come to self-discipline!I see this Yin absolute being dominate a big method not bad!"
"Hey Hey..."Green jade water precious jade looking at six to living, strange say with smile:"Is surprisingly you this boy can also get these two beauties such as the favor of the woman of flower.I see come for you,!I want to see wait your self-discipline to become Yin absolute being, become a person to be different from the shape that person's ghost is different from ghost of, these two women can't also like you!"
All of Su's lotus and Li Meng Yun are faces a red, Li Meng Yun didn't talk, just the ground of You You saw six one eye of livingings, but Su's lotus is openings say:"Even if six livinged to become this pair of yours shape, I remain will at him not leave not to leave nearby!"
"Ha ha ha...Don't leave not to leave...Is very good!I will see exactly what don't leave not to leave a method!"Green jade water precious jade sees toward Su's lotus, order a head way,
Six living to also see toward Su's lotus,
louis vuitton online shop, at the right moment met with the vision that Su's lotus throws, six livinged to helplessly shake to shake head, in the mind dark way:"Su's lotus, you is this why the need for again?Your knowing perfectly welling what my in the mind of way like is Li Meng Yun,
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That Su's lotus imitated a Buddha to read to understand six to living the idea at the moment, way:"Six living, I know that what you like is a dream younger sister Yun, from start now always BE,
original louis vuitton handbags!I know perfectly well a way such,, but I am it happened that be can not let go in the mind for liking you, I can not let go..."
Su's lotus makes reference to here can not help a nose delivering sour, this dares to love to dare to hate and look like strong woman at the moment but leave of weak tears,
authentic louis vuitton handbags.Li Meng Yun walks to Su's lotus nearby and slightly starts to pull the hand of Su's lotus.
"Lotus elder sister of Su,
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gucci bamboo!"
Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle!Weep and sniffle ground to do what?Again not is make you die,
purses louis vuitton!"Green jade water precious jade cold track.
Six living a to knit the brows, Zhang Kou wants Xun to scold green jade water precious jade, but at the sight of green jade water precious jade that pair the evil spirit is very bad of shape, again shut up.Have to change a speech way:"Elder generation, do I when start studying this Yin absolute being to dominate a big method?"
"You do obeisance me as teacher first!"Green jade water precious jade way,
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"This..."Six living surprisingly this green jade water precious jade O.K. this, think at the beginning the Meng was old don't make oneself do obeisance teacher to him,
used louis vuitton handbags.
"How?Is there problem,
handbags louis vuitton?"Green jade water precious jade see six living like this hesitant erratically appearance, harsh voice ask a way.
Six living body one earthquake, hurriedly the Fu body says:"Teacher at up,
outlet gucci, please be subjected to Tu son a do obeisance!"
Green jade water precious jade is satisfied location nod, the hand is one Yang, six living to immediately feel a vitality with soft Yin dragging along oneself
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