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TOPIC: Chapter 985 dollars embraces Long Shu​/ Chapter 985 dollars embraces Long Shu 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2798

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Still have never been subjected to this kind of timid spirit for several years,, this boy knows oneself's fame, unexpectedly don't sway, and in times before two Wus working properly waring to spoil is ruined to the hand of the other party, the Pa cannot helps but any further especially, roars:"Boy, you too extremely conceited,, I then make you know immensity of the universe today,!"Finish saying,, the Pa appeared a bone Zhang in the hand especially, the head of bone Zhang was a monster head that spreads green flame of You. Pa especially pensively, once the bone Zhang flick and take out with all strength*move from die to work properly evil spirit, the facing the sky shouts to roar a way:"The Wu works properly a saint dragon and come out!" Sees high empty on, the winds and clouds changes countenance, black cloud is billowing, the sky tears to pieces an an open wound, immediately after, a huge matchless monster feet stretched out, immediately after,
new era caps online shop, and then stretch out another 1. The list sees from the monster leg, more robust than still wanting of the sky green Mang cow. When this Wu works properly living creature thoroughly the flounder come out from the high empty open wound, two warriors of kingdoms having been already ceased fire under looking at that huge monster and might it not be exclaim to pour to absorb an one mouthful cool spirit. The Wu works properly a saint dragon!With at the beginning Huang Long meet in hellish devil king's sanctuary of the hellish ghostly huge Peng bird is similar, the Wu works properly one class absolute being monster of fastenning, only, the real strenght is weaker than that hellish and ghostly huge Peng bird up some,
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Chapter 985 dollars embraces Long Shu
The difference boundary of Huang Long Zhen person visits 5200 The Wu works properly saint although real strenght dragon compares at the beginning that hellish ghostly huge Peng bird is a little weaker, but the physical volume still wants big 1 turn than that hellish and ghostly huge Peng bird and float empty in the half, far and far see go, the whole a high mountain,
cheap hats. Since Wu's working properly noodles be invoked, the Wu works properly a saint dragon to look up at sky 1 sing to roar, the surroundings Wu works properly of the spirit roll to concuss but rise, there is the Wei that grows to cover daylight power, the whole Gao Kong Fang's circle ten inside, all cover with under the breathing of death. "Saint area strong!" "Is a saint area strong is engaging!" "Mama, that is saint area dark evil monster green Mang cow in the sky, the saint area Wu works properly a saint dragon!"Under two country warriors, some military officers are surprised to wake up, point at the sky to exclaim a way,, then can not consider of the other party, withdraw from the battlefield panic in succession. The belligerence of the saint area strong,, be not they can view war of. Have no how long, under in two country battlefields, stay a hand over horizontal wrong cloth of warrior corpse, the dead form is each difference, accompany with to have among them,
Baltimore Ravens jerseys Free shipping, there is also the corpse of each kind of war horse and evil monster. The bloody flavor fills the air, Yin very of the spirit is dispersed. The one dies Ji, only have Gao empty on, Huang Long and Pa especially double
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