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Very shiver, compare with to offend an enemy with the fire,, however have already harmed a sky to match, but if offend with water,, then disaster the whole 淯 water river shore, this accounts and make within few years at least Lu sun a take to become one shabby ……
But ……can make rather malicious bottom heart of Wei come of would be, Lu sun a take is have no how much common common people, on the hoofly mostly escape to spread, or take part in Huang Jin Ze Kou.
"If southern flat ground,, and let offer up form to please in order to here reduce to don't need for several years, farm tax and excise tax, emperor just Song also once ascend book Jian speech, thought to be necessarily a smallly farm tax and excise tax, returned to beg of of!"The Wei shuts eyes rather and silently and inwardly thinks a way.Man end Wei childe

Chapter 88 Lu sun meets for great battle(bottom)
Man end Wei childe 5200
The Lu sun west borders on 淯 water and is located in the sun of Lu mountain, the Han dynasty places a Lu sun county,
new era shop, and Tang Shi changes name Lu mountain."The mountain is towering,
cheap mlb snapbacks hats shop, return to living a group of mountains, is one Yi huge town, northeast 18 in have Lu mountain, county with this but get."Do not lift ancient times,
Baltimore Ravens jerseys, would be Wei rather place of the ages is also 25 mountain area County for regarding wood as principles in Henan, it is thus clear that,
Custom NFL Jerseys, at transportation inconvenient Three Kingdoms ages, Lu sun a take how geography is perilous.
The just so-called mountain is towering, but returns to living a group of mountains, once the Lu sun take, the mountain way is continuous, the geography is frustrated, have been woulding be disadvantage in offend, but kind with guard,
cheap mlb hats, geography position just as southern sun throat, if the battalion takes it, necessarily through the here.But such geography,
youth baseball bats wholesale, is to be more difficult than to strike against, whether the east comes to west to enter or not, Lu sun just as a toll-gate, block thing main route.
Zhang Man becomes dare with Xiang city Kui the soldier sit to guard Lu sun,, because is here hazardous, the non- battalion raises dint to invade, but hard gram of bottom.Qin Bu however the myriad people has several thousand people the horse to garrison here, if ordinary people to see, there are no few months time, it is absolute to can not pass by.Few months time, but is enough Zhang Man to become 50,000 battalion the east then came.
But ……the geography of the Lu sun, but not only hereat,
Nike NFL Jerseys, north depend Lu mountain, can continuous mountainous country, but west go into south the ground of the sun, again the strand of place 淯 water,
Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys.Flush for several thousand years, Lu sun with the west, but far compare central part, slowly many eastern even, even much geography,, more place low valley, benefit in farming, in the ancient Lu sun mountainous country gravamen,
discount Cucci, a square man people, but is exactly can west that land but survive down.
Become to see at Zhang Man,, Lu sun such geography, isn't that the sky grant the place that he destroys completely Qin Bu still what?Have Xiang city Kui soldier Zu live main route and make the government troops doesn't get east to enter, the west is even slow ground of.Match with the power of Lu sun central mountainous country,
Authentic Lancel.The battalion can launch and gather but round it, 10,000 man the soldier how could it be doesn't hurt of reason?
The absolute margin of troops.And then be placed in land utilization on, Zhang Man becomes to want to come to think
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