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TOPIC: although says Wang Fu in the sky is at the Zhi in don't control big power​w-Era-Hats.htm although says Wang Fu in the sky is at the Zhi in don't control big power 12 months ago #2556

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A way out."The thunder and lightning male lion gives the side of Man Si to talk to Bo Ren of Zhi, side Shi Shu coagulates a faintly discernable of person form lighting, present by the side of its body,
This person form lighting the nature is the image lighting for soaring in the leaf sky.
Zhi Bo Ren is the Zhi Wang Fu in the sky's prince, although says Wang Fu in the sky is at the Zhi in don't control big power, but prestige is to compare with mansion lords to all want a little bit high existence, at Zhi Wang Fu in the sky in, the everyone esteems highly,,, the identity is precious and matchless.
Don't say that he has never seen the leaf sky soar, but even if is he once saw, in no case will tell the thunder and lightning male the lion to give the guy of Man Si, this crazy speech as well.
"Hum, a beast that turned to make person's form, unexpectedly dare in this king's in front to talk big, you this is to seek dead."Listen to give the words of Man Si, presented while signing on Zhi Bo Ren Lian the color of exasperation, hurtle to give Man Si to shout at top of voice, the body form is a flicker, turn to make together raging flames quickly passing time, shot into to give Man Si.
"Is that fix for the person that comes to a the rule absolute being class for middle, no wonder that dare to use like this tone to talk with me of, since you seek dead, that I help you,
Lancel Purse.Don't know I just the chain became of Shu method, 'thunder in the sky was billowing'how power is, takes you to have operation and tries the power of this doctrine method today."
While speaking,
Buy new era caps online, the thunder and lightning male lion gives the hands of Man Si to wield, with the quickest skill, knot a fingerprint with miraculous, that is from the eruptive thunder and lightning inside its body of the dint coagulate and turn to make a way absolute being sign that gleams thunder and lightning ray of light and constitute a thunder and lightning absolute being sign big, then such as unreal image light wave general, quickly extend, reply to spread but open.
Becomes, that is originally the sky of one clear open sky, suddenly geologic change get the dark cloud is vacillating, the lightning flashes roll of thunder gets up, a way thunder and lightning with thick thin adult's thigh light pillar, direct from that bank of clouds in spew out,, tear to pieces unreal,
buy new era online, shine on that at the moment just at to thunder and lightning male lion close to of Zhi Bo Ren would be a burst of wildly bomb over deep-fried.
Descend because numerous thunder and lightning light pillars bombard, drive the one thunder and lightning light pillar cover with among them of Zhi Bo Ren,
Authentic Lancel, that is to seem to be extremely distress, the dress Shan on the body is torn to pieces by the dint of the arrogant thunder and lightning,, the flesh and blood skin on the body is also to appear a way blood scar that tears to pieces a sort,,
new era style hats, and the facial expression is difficult to see
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