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Username Password: Remember me don't do what the matter that I don't wish to see ……"emperor's last words seem implicit deep idea.
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TOPIC: don't do what the matter that I don't wish to see ……"emperor's last words seem implicit deep idea. don't do what the matter that I don't wish to see ……"emperor's last words seem implicit deep idea. 12 months ago #2443

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Is folks good,
The square Zheng wipes cold sweat to smile apologetically a way:"Tiny minister certainly unworthy this piece, the prince is so polite,, the tiny minister is also ashamed tight.The possible prince sent a wrong person?"
The emperor stares at he saw in a short while, way:"Talk about shameless, the this in this world possible no one peter led you.I ask you,, these 1,000,002 silvers, how do you intend to handle?"
Square Zheng without thinking way:"Hand over Mr.!All hand over Mr.!Tiny minister 12 silvers also don't !"The tone firmness is matchless, righteously of pole,
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At this time don't know again mutually, head can really have a little dangerous, grow even can not also protect him.
Emperor smile don't smile:"Are you willing to give up?"
Square Zheng positive color way:"Gentleman love wealth, take it has a way.Isn't the thing of tiny minister,, if appropriate to oneself it, that was the moral qualities of tiny minister to have a problem.Your Majesty, the tiny minister doesn't dare to brag virtuous ratio sage, tiny minister at least should also on the whole small sage, such ill-gotten gains, the tiny minister in no case dares to have the least bit Ji Yu, the certain total amount hands over to a national treasury."
The emperor shuts worthy of a look, sigh a way:To the utmost show to fall a Mo disconsolate idea in"national treasury at present difficult pole, connect the soldier's pays of 200,
Nike NFL Jerseys,002 silvers all get seven put together eight to gather together,
Discount San Francisco 49ers Jerseys online, he but on making moves to would be 1,000,002, don't say to divide for me as well, alas ……" tone,
Immediately the emperor opens an eye and smile the other party Zheng way:"He since gave you, you then accept,
discount new era hats from china, am I Lord of the country, how could do that to strive for the matter of the Duo minister sub- money,
Wholesale New Era Hats?Just the Lu of anthropophagi, loyalty the person's matter, you this silver received, can get a little bit careful son, don't do what the matter that I don't wish to see ……"emperor's last words seem implicit deep idea.
Square in the middle of the Zheng heart one Lin, this silver sends again and again not to go out, the flower doesn't dare to spend again, is very hot to the touch.Prince's this guy true his mama isn't a thing, the lo becomes difficult Lao Tze what kind son.
Square Zheng hurry way:"Your Majesty, the tiny minister is a sincerity and sincerely wish to deliver the national treasury to these silvers.The tiny minister was almost your son-in-law, polite with people of the same group what ah, greatly not tiny minister hereafter have difficult place you lend me again some turnover, have to have into,, seem to be one family intimate ……"
The emperor smells the speech doing not already knit the brows
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