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Lancel Handbags Online Shop but they basically don't want to break through siege.Xu Zhou
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TOPIC: Lancel Handbags Online Shop but they basically don't want to break through siege.Xu Zhou

Lancel Handbags Online Shop but they basically don't want to break through siege.Xu Zhou 11 months, 3 weeks ago #21526

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The Japan's Imperial Army deliver to come to a set of strange signal,
Lancel Handbags Online Shop."Being blue to have to suddenly and lightly call" is like a code,
Is very quick, the blue Ping made copy that signal down, the man of Yue Wei once took a code book on checking against, immediately hideous smile way:"That's right, this is the code, impish son the craftiness of still true his Niang"immediately wire back:'Carp, 0"blue Ping startled way:" Return a 'carp, ?""Rightness,
NFL Jerseys."The man of Yue Wei coolly way" this is the code of 5 divisions,
lancel handbags online!"
For the great majority in this ages**will get to say, the code root of each division of Japan's Imperial Army is a riddle, they even basically don't know each division of Japan's Imperial Army still existence code,, but for Yue Wei man this crosses many and the soldier history a fondness for see to say, is not likely to don't know the division of Ban Yuan and belong to q, the code of 21 trip regiments.
The words sound square falls, the hospital outside rang out a vigorous gun voice, especially fight a brigade have already mounted fire with Japan's Imperial Army's patrol party of commander's headquarters, the Jing of impish son has a work although outside tight inside loosen, can this after all declares steel soldier of 5 divisions, the old devils of patrol party also all from dead person trip in the heap come out Luo, soon from the air in smelt unusually."Withdraw,!"Yue Wei man's one makes next, fought the member of team to quickly withdraw tele-communications room especially,, walk at end of the Liu Tie Zhu's anti- hand throw down a hand thunder, several set radio stations in the tele-communications room with keep all submitted an expense accounted a set son Chuang,, the Ban originally pays brigade commander's headquarters.Small wild big Zuo in a hurry but go into, toward the Ban is originally and by the way:"Guo soldier you, the division department wires back,
lancel handbags for sale.
The Ban originally and fluently connects to conduct electricity once the text see, in the heart immediately the worry in uncertainty exert Gan and soon after twist one bad ruthlessly way:"Order,
lancel adjani bag, the river farmland greatly thinks pioneer, rest each big brigade follows one after another, to face a Yi direction to break through siege!""Admire depend on!"A few allied captains, big captain suddenly lowers the head to agree.
For break through siege,, Ban originally the major general is still very self-confident of,, don't say the set son Chuang outer circle of**milli- impromptu, even if they have preparation and also absolutely can not hold up against Ban to originally pay a brigade, so for several days, the Ban originally pays a brigade of with firmly stand by set son the Chuang don't walk, isn't their Tu not round, but they basically don't want to break through siege.Xu Zhou, fifth the war ward chief's officer's department, battle room.
Have already led at 2:00 A.M., full general Lee and white the vice-president grow but is to sleep all of the ideas and have no, battle plan draft according to the man of Yue Wei, in this small hours his treat and fight a brigade will to Japan's Imperial Army 5 divisions establishing is facing the division department in the Yi city and launching special kind stroke, and will hold for ransom the radio station of 5 division commander's headquarterses, originally pay a brigade toward the Ban of set son Chuang bottom and reach and break through siege an order.14 teachers that participation ambuscades have been all good enough, wait Ban to originally pay a brigade to break through siege!
Want ~only the Ban originally pays a brigade from the set son
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