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TOPIC: The leaf sky soars long shout an one breath

http://youth-baseball-bats-who​ The leaf sky soars long shout an one breath 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2117

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, Such as sacred mountain general, from the all directions, squeeze to come over to him, seem to want chase his body, to crush flat.
"H'm?This at underground Shi Shu, blockaded the person of this building place space,,, unexpectedly is the person of the absolute being emperor class.See, I still underrated a sky with Zuo bless is cooperative of the person of ability!"Scared remaining, the leaf sky soars Shi Shu to clap an a Zhang shadow and tied up that own Nian presses of dint,
Lancel Purse, abruptly grasp a big hole, the body form,such as lightning flash, projects to trapping the dint of lock outside and flies to hurtle but go,
In his body form, will soon rush out that is healed with the quickest speed of drill in the hole of,, one Peng dark attribute divine power energy, coagulate cover with at the pike-like in shape lighting in the jet black ray of light, suddenly appear at that big hole of come over to his shoot-to-kill exit.
The absolute being reads to brush past from last that pike-like in shape lighting, the leaf sky soars and then realizes and released the person of this doctrine method, is also the person of absolute being emperor class, the immediately great feeling in heart is frightened:"The absolute being emperor class is again the person of absolute being emperor class, the this Zuo sky blesses still really some abilities, can enlist so many absolute being emperor class person, is his effect."
Shout ……
The leaf sky soars long shout an one breath,, right away settle body form, Shi Shu coagulates the battle armor in a set of soil yellow and protects body and resist to flush on all sides the Nian coming over presses of dint, flick Zhang to clap a fire lighting dragon, make threatening gestures, grasp toward that pike-like in shape lighting.
At the moment this fire lighting dragon in,
wholesale NFL Jerseys, contained the strength of the entry-level fire in the sky, killed to harm dint compared with common flame energy,
Baseball Caps, don't know that wanting is strong how much doubly.
The place of the fire lighting dragon's sweep, blockade lived a leaf to soar place space for sky, look like the ray of light of soil yellow crystal wall,,, now such as glass artifacts general, inch inch ground fission come, turn to make one Peng Peng soil attribute divine power breathing, lost original fastness and trap to lock the Nian presses of dint.
Ka Ca!
The fire is an one claw son of lighting dragon, grasped to win dark attribute divine power energy, pike-like in shape lighting coagulate but become, immediately chase that pike-like in shape lighting, grasp smash, turn to make dark attribute divine power of one Peng breathing,, spread to shoot to open, book to on all sides space, ……
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