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TOPIC: only with my protect shield is can not resist only with my protect shield is can not resist 11 months, 3 weeks ago #15044

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To seek eldest brother I understood."Is public all think of to the Qi in sky and misgiving deeply the Ksitigarbha is in mind ……
But month Wei and Lin Nuo at this time have already arrived at the edge of crazy thunder marsh and looking at wild thunder and lightninged of a way to constantly split bottom, the month Wei orders to nod, "is the Lin Nuo a crazy thunder marsh here?"
The Lin Nuo ordered to nod, "the boon is a crazy thunder marsh here, place is also thunder absolute being to at the beginning wither, the evil absolute being in last time has been already brought to life, don't know that the thunder absolute being can bring to life."
"Like, father affirms now at in, we go in Lin Nuo."Hearing here is a crazy thunder marsh,, the month Wei is a don't want as well etc., so month Wei and Lin Nuo hurtled into crazy thunder marsh, but our Qi in the sky at the moment for the deep place in crazy thunder marsh, often split the next thunder and lightning be all directly taken no cognizance by Qi in the sky, these thunder and lightning at most be let for a sky, the body of Qi paralyzes in a short while, and can't bring injury to the Qi in sky, but appeared many geezer figures in the in front of the Qi in sky at this time ………
The thunder absolute being gold giant of chapter 147
Inside the crazy thunder marsh still just as since the lightning flashes roll of thunder gone toward now then seems to be a bit different inside the crazy thunder marsh in sky, a little girl is only multiplying by a heavenliness the Cape monster in the sky fly,, although don't have bulky purple thunder and lightning to split toward them yes, all drive heavenliness only the 1 F of the Cape monster surroundings white light cover held up, in the huge roll of thunder, they seem to be so of infinitesimal, insignificant, they are Lin Nuo and month Wei.
"Lin Nuo, you say father is where exactly?"The month Wei lightly asks a way,,
The Lin Nuo is very exhausting at this time, because these wild thunder and lightning power is very big, even if is a Lin Nuo of sacred protect shield can not also resist how long, hear the problem of the Wei in month, the Lin Nuo shook to shake head, "host, if I didn't guess wrong, the host should go in district in the center of crazy thunder marsh and leave us to have some distance here."
"Since words like this,
Discount Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, that we also go to district in the center,, Lin Nuo,"The month Wei happily says,
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"Host, if can decline to drop down by our current statuses,
Nike NFL Jerseys, walk in the past, more and more big because the power of these thunder and lightnings will close to district in the center along with us of,, only with my protect shield is can not resist, we can pass from the ground."The Lin Nuo explanation way.
"Is all right, that we land, as long as canning find out father, the month Wei ignores everything." So Lin Nuo and month Wei slowly decline bottom, then continue to look for the movements of Qi in the sky.
But our Qis in the sky then met huge trouble at this time,, a hugely and falsely copy and exactly 50 hugely and only the eye giant tightly surround
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