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sac a main adjani "You don't say that my pouring is to don't feel
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TOPIC: sac a main adjani "You don't say that my pouring is to don't feel

sac a main adjani "You don't say that my pouring is to don't feel 11 months, 1 week ago #108085

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The thinking looking at the south temple Ao exclamation grounds in the sky to say"and your returning is much more than a self-discipline Dou spirit.These absolutely is make people hard to believe.
"Ha ha."The south temple Ao sky's smiling to smile don't solve more Xiang.
"To, don't know that you create of this recruits a Dou skill is what Dou skill?Power have much big?"The moxa thinking looking at the south temple Ao to ask a way for sky.At this time moxa Wei son they equally also all a face curiously looking at the south temple Ao for sky.
"This recruits a Dou skill a bit special.I call it this divides time "south temple Ao the sky wanted to mean to say" to display out this to recruit a Dou skill,
sac a main adjani, can coagulate a pure energy body of I,
gucci factory outlet, the attack ability of this pure energy body is completely similar to me, and it can use my mind control.If I and this pure energy body divide time fusion,, my real strenght will suddenly soar triple.This dividing time only would automatically disappear after the energy finishes consuming.Certainly my mind a move it will also in a twinkling disappear.
"Unexpectedly is current assistance effect to have the Dou skill of attack effect again, really not the Kui is a sky, field deluxe Dou skill!!"The moxa thinking exclamation ground says.
"However this recruits me to think also only I can self-discipline."The south temple Ao sky lightly smiled a " this recruiting is the result that works properly dint and Dou spirit to use at the same time.
"Elder brother in the sky, so long-term self-discipline,
ray ban sunglasses hut, you are definitely hungry, let's still hurriedly rush through to return ."The moxa Wei son looking at the south temple Ao to say for sky at this times.
"You don't say that my pouring is to don't feel, you this says that I am still really a bit hungry."The south temple Ao sky looking at moxa Wei son to say with a smile.
"That let's are quicker to rush through to return ."The moxa thinking says to take the lead to walk forward to, the south temple Ao sky they are a close behind toward red burning the city direction rushes through.
The time that returns to mercenary soldier noble family F through is many clocks at 6:00 p.m,,
Chapter 324 way
After having a meal, the south temple Ao sky didn't intend to take a rest.Sit fore the hall temporarily don't also intend to leave.The moxa thinking also sits upright on the seat of host of living room at this time,, moxa Wei son and the moxa Ni tile Er and Lisa also all at.
See southern appearance of temple Ao sky, the moxa thinking knows that the south temple Ao definitely has to what rubbish want to say for sky,, in the mind in fact how much also guessed some"the south temple duke what is up though say, you contain tremendous kindness to my mercenary soldier household,
sac lancel adjani prix, as long as we can attain of affair, all absolute duty-bound.
"Do not deceive elder generation, the younger generation comes to main affair this time, I think that you also knew,
lancel watch, be come with a marriage proposal to you,, I want to marry Wei Ms. Er."The south temple Ao sky looking at moxa thinking to say" is previous
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