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TOPIC: oakleys for men Return to

oakleys for men Return to 11 months, 1 week ago #108001

  • zanpdnge96
 Lin Hao and small 41 front one empress of climb on the way home.
When leaving cave isn't far, collect a bloody spirit come into nostrils since then.
Lin Hao being jumping up in the grass cluster, action Ga however, suddenly stopped down.
Throw away the Diao in mouth wears of rabbit, two the claws straighten before, the nose is made an effort of absorbing and granting two times.
A very thick bloody spirit comes into nostrils but goes into.
"Three elder brothers, how?"Follow his small four squat down to sit by him, doubt of ask a way.
Lin Hao didn't answer him, the eye inside was a purely heavy color.
The rat body lies prone on the ground, the ear sticks to hit the ground noodles and cautiously listens to.
"Mao Mao ……"
Si Si ……
Know know Suo Suo ……
The ear sticks the earth, it is that this kind of is miscellaneous disorderly to exert have no the voice of chapter!
But is this voice, let Lin Hao's heart sink bottom.
This is the voice that the snake vomits letter.
And not just a snake.
Is snakes!
Gleam the ray of light of cloudy or sunny not certain in the Lin Hao eyes, the cluster snake appears here, need not think, then with know is hurtling this one territory of the rat household is since then of.
Fix life in this corner of, only rat, also all wear a mountain dragon.
If is a snake or a few snakes, the rats completely can deal with, but if snake, almost face the crisis for exterminating entire.
Flow out one and other thoughts and feelings in Lin Hao Yan.
Return to?
Or don't return to?
Returning to may pay to be born a life very much, he also wants to come out this valley and sees the world of outside, so he really doesn't want to die.
But don't return to, father Shu and mother Shus ……
"Three elder brothers, do you have to hear what voice?"The ear spreads small four of ask words, interrupted contemplating of Lin Hao.
Lin Hao settles to certainly hope small four, the look in the eyes is hesitant don't feel, immediately after convert into the color of firmness.
The wry smile sighed tone, he eventually had no so unique feeling.
Tell the truth, he really doesn't want to return to, though there have this a life time his parents, however his in the mind always don't are them as his real parents.
His parents only have 1 rightness, forever only 1 rightness.
Father Shu and mother Shu be not.
"Calculate, power be is still parents' kindness of this a life time."Lin Hao's in the mind is dark to sigh 1.
Then start to jump forward, but immediately stopped down again, once turned round and squatted down to sit on the ground, the look in the eyes was complicated of hope to watch from a distance small four.
It is small four oddness to return to hope Lin Hao.
"Follow me!"Lin Hao scathing order way, the tone is extremely heavy.
"."Is small four have a little Qie Qie of should 1.
Lin Hao turns round into just
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