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lancel rome "Should be the my eldest brother father keeps and raises of adopted son
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TOPIC: lancel rome "Should be the my eldest brother father keeps and raises of adopted son

lancel rome "Should be the my eldest brother father keeps and raises of adopted son 11 months, 1 week ago #107823

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Loot, all, perhaps I property in the joy house, want then and truely Be ruined to once."
Happy Lin, sigh a way:"So just pass crystal ball,,
lancel rome, see little Xia though pretend the common run of people, but that look like city well loafer of beat hair,hint at some kind of exquisite, be like pole seven skills, but slightly have a dissimilarity,, I then break settle, the little Xia is that the of a soldier is beyond doubt, so at this time then all wagers, all exceled your body up,
lancel uk, if you don't promise our claims, probably, enjoying a house then will truely perish, but this fortress, then will be gobbled up a control by that monster, seize originally belong at my everything of joy house!"
Long Yan nods a way:"Say so,
lancel paris bags, is this city defense originally also you to enjoy a houseperson to govern?"The happy Lin has no in response to the words,, just a little bit nerveless nod, she before seeming to be very not to wish to start to remember, at the moment, she is unexpectedly to slowly lower the head to go, double the eye is a bit tiny and red.
Enjoy any but hum a way at the moment:"Niang you why the need for conceal again, if isn't an eldest brother,
authentic louis vuitton, he betrays, we again will lose this fortress, the strategies that need to start fortress, we would are the common run of people, can also be signed to an invincible position!"
Long Yan surprising way:"Your eldest brother?"
Enjoy any complexion malicious fierce in response to the way:"Should be the my eldest brother father keeps and raises of adopted son,, don't inherit this qualifications that enjoys city, but I am originally naughty, root not intentional join the government, then have intention to let him, who know that he unexpectedly hates me to resent me and runs away and joined soldier's sanctuary to, by decade, then lead one many silver AN absolute being Wei,
lancel 1876 taupe,, capture this joy city, become at present Western Regions of soldier's sanctuary to divide a palace, and enjoy city and this fortress, is also became my eldest brother all, a bewitching monster is enslaved by him, to controled the axis of fortress."
In Long Yan Xin on sighing, the dark way power and influence harms a person, but immediately asks a way again:"The axis of fortress, according to your meaning, this fortress is unexpectedly an absolute being soldier as well or living creature?Can control 12?"
"Not only control, my enjoying a house is the happy house that the ancient looses one of people's households, is end of the organization teacher is one clan, but this fortress, would be me happy house first Zu, use a piece of sky of the outside strange stone is an energy axis, can drive of a fortress war absolute being, you see go from the foreign trade, it is really a fortress, but if has been operated to urge, but it is to change magically to transform into a huge organization war absolute being, the legend is up to thousand Zhangs, top of head sky, feet Na sea, roar to break country,
louis vuitton handbags, flap arm to move blue sky!"
Listen to joy any say so, Long Yan still really produced one interest in the silk, he discovered now, this world really too many oneselfs don't know of affair, but this ancient loose a people, is also
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