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sac a mains lancel is that still unsteady secure
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TOPIC: sac a mains lancel is that still unsteady secure

sac a mains lancel is that still unsteady secure 11 months, 1 week ago #107403

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Country villa, will definitely very safe of, we can't let what her suffer a los."
Pull Er Man to say with smile:"That thanks two, this wench although vexed heart, still very intelligent of,
sac a mains lancel, isn't the green bamboo country villa making pill, these affairs can also order to do for her, you are also spoiled her, she is also five class apothecary, can work."
If the rambling rose madam smile should descend, although pull to speak of the time of Kai Di in the mouth of Er Man an eye to disappear heart not vexed appearance, these worlds come, several people where again still not and clearly pull Er Man in fact or love dearly Kai Di of,,
louis vuitton paris, otherwise and can't have been grasping her, either, let her follow to study to make pill and heard to pull Er man and Ba Da Er's experience to communicate, experience exchanges of after all two eight the class apothecary'ses isn't what ordinary people can hear, if listen to into, may be little in the later apothecary's self-discipline to walk a lot of curved roads.
Is much less, this pulls although the Er Man says to put Kai Di to go out,still pleases rambling rose the madam and thunder space is 2 people, more care, with 2 people's ability, look after a female kid, is that still unsteady secure?
The madam of the rambling rose and thunder space has no an opinion,
lancel watches, the nature of Kai Di has no an opinion more,, one face seeming of happy Zi Zi already the day after imagining and leaving light and free country villa.
The second day morning,
lancel premier flirt, the thunder space waits 3 people and then takes this lately- joined Kai Di left light and free country villa, the rambling rose madam took Kai Di,, three personal paths keep of fly to return to green bamboo country villa.
When several individuals fall in in the green bamboo country villa doorway,
lancel rome,, eyes of Kai Di already seem at put light general,
lancel bardot bag, stare at that piece of huge rock that engraves country villa name outside the green bamboo country villa to call a way:"This ……have much of imposing style."
The thunder space lightly says with smile:"We the green bamboo country villa is also to refine a Dan medicine, you the light and free country villa is also a chain medicine noble family,, say head real strenght, we green bamboo country villa than you can the light and free country villa can not compare."
The Kai Di shakes a way:"All few people know our country villa of, much less those come of is all 12 people, not noisy at all, you not is say you the green bamboo country villa has sale monthly meeting, every March still once big sale meeting, that affirmation very of jollification."
The time that looking at Kai Di to speak of this, two eyes seeming to be all is putting light, the thunder space cannot help but laughing behind one's backing and nod a way:"Yes, the in a few more days was the day that auctions off a meeting in this month, you can see when the time comes."
The Kai Di is fierce to nod:"Boon boon, I like most noisy, to, I want I to make money, I ability I will chain medicine's putting in the green bamboo country villa sale ascend to sell?"
Thunder space Leng
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