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lancel outlet Long Yi fast- moving figure
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TOPIC: lancel outlet Long Yi fast- moving figure

lancel outlet Long Yi fast- moving figure 11 months, 1 week ago #107396

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In the surprise of the person, the narrow sword unexpectedly appeared astonishing variety.
Sees narrow sword up slowly project to stab an eye of white light, listens to "Yi" of a , when the owner sight resumes, was immediately got a fright by the sword in Long Yi Shou.Sees Long Yi Shou in of black narrow sword, have already become white,
lancel outlet,, on the narrow sword, an electricity with thick thin different snake ties up to round to hover around, numerous electric currents of furcations send out the sound of "Yi Yi".Long Yi of the voice once spread a whole field, "this is me from create of Dou skill, you are honored very much, you are the first to try in the game."
On finishing saying, Long Yi unexpectedly escaped from a ground, toe 1:00, so inclined body, stick to hit the ground noodles toward left filled to shoot to, the narrow sword in the right hand tightly sticks to hit the ground noodles, the narrow sword once rows of ground, leave a way black of burnt hate, it is thus clear that thunder and lightning of sword of strength have much arrogant.
"?This is the Brontosaurus Dou skill, is quite good."The Ao thunder Si applauds in Gao on the stage of say.
Is left to fill an eye in also flash across one silk is frightened, however think that the arrogant Dou inside the body annoys, also completely disdained to a to attend to to Long Yi's attack, the other party, just win big sword teacher of.The sword that is left to fill up enclose with Dou spirit, a sword chops down bottom.
The body that Long Yi shoots 1 return, narrow sword 1 up pick, face last left fill of sword,
lancel bags paris,, later on, once the body jump and stick left the sword filling round left fill a left side, an electric current attaches sword highest.Being left to fill an is surprised, hurriedly use Dou spirit to turn electric current, but take him for this surprised moment,
lancel online, Long Yi fast- moving figure, have already jumped left fill a side behind.
A thunder and lightning long dragon straight line from left filled to after death shoot, left fill strong Dou to annoy 1 to burst out, unexpectedly keep livinging to bomb a Brontosaurus to spread, however, Long Yi's body has already again jumped air, and then is a Brontosaurus to hover around since then.Is left the spirit filling Dou be attached left boxing up, want to use the strong Dou spirit with one action bombs to spread a Brontosaurus,, however, Long Yi through controled mentality to turn curved, left fill on the dish of left arm.
Isn't good!Being left to fill an is surprised,
collection lancel, annoy crazy hair on Dou of left arm, want to shake a Brontosaurus, but however, the electric current of Brontosaurus is how rapid, just a moment, left fill whole body have already spread all over thunder and lightning.
lancel suitcase!!"
"The Ao Si encourages especially,!!"
The voice of a burst of acclaim outside the field, Li Ya although tiredly canning not move,
lancel bags prices in france, but still shout an elder brother is severe.However, but Long Yi is a pair of eyes to keep to straightly looking at left fill, he doesn't believe left fill and then so in brief be vanquished.Long Yi's guess is correct.
One Shan that is left to fill a body up the purple ray of light, the whole body thunder and lightning moment disappearance isn't
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