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Thought of here
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TOPIC: Thought of here

Thought of here 11 months ago #107361

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The movement of the black current of air in the Tang Fei body was also quickly, the external world's even hasing the black current of air of some same properties was surrounding Tang Fei.
However all these all only Tang Fei's someone understand, the outsiders all have no to realize, but because existence Tang Fei of this black spirit miserably feels that he or she pounds at body up of seal to print effectively, ask for help of strength Tang Fei of this black current of air to feel to time of he or she one more hours can with one action seal to print to break through inside the body.
Along with public more add thoroughly, the canyon in the front is to become narrow to get up, originally is a very spacious canyon at this time slowly constringency,collection lancel, till the last only have 56 meter wide situation,gucci bags for sale, rays on the sky are all covered of not presentable son, the public visual field also becomes some to dim,, more is obscure more is seem to be this district uncanny.
"This actually wants when is a !"
Tang Fei's in the mind complains of hard lot,, this place walks,gucci bag black, absolutely be like at walk the nether world road is general,lancel bags for men,, pure is at from try to commit suicide road!From not get Tang Fei don't complain of hard lot, although he is to kill a person, to dead on the contrary more of sensitive, worry oneself is a to carelessly walk to go into an one-way street.
Incredibly still grow some small grasses inside the dark profound canyon,, these small grasses up and all open dazzling flower, an open a to match of be like have general life, in this complete darkness, the very difficult imagination's Yin annoys a dark place to also open thus bright and beautiful flower.
"Might this it not be is a legendary other shore flower?It is saied that this is the sign plant of nether world road,ray ban for men!"
Tang Fei sees these florets not only have no the least bit rejoice, on the contrary in the mind entertain foolish ideas way.
Thought of here,, Tang Fei is also felling surrounding gloomy terror to get up.Carefully and on the alert, once having any abnormality has to hurriedly run road, which afraid hard get that Wu to grow breeze of a record attack drive he kills all compare be frightenned to death in my noodles!
Not only is Tang Fei,sac lancel adjani occasion, any present all of one persons are to have already carefully arrived extremity at this time, spiritual influence inside the body early already the Yi spread own whole body part, strict actually solid of protect oneself therein, be free from this harassing of evil ways.
Connect that fix for most should of Wu Chang Feng is no exception, although he is already up work properly teacher to fix to lack the ability to do for the tallest person, facing thus the thing of evil difference remaining being letting its felling for, being here fixing.
【035 】 escapes to follow
"Blare ……"
"Blare ……"
Treat to win public support a person more of
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