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either and otherwise lose of is him
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TOPIC: either and otherwise lose of is him

either and otherwise lose of is him 11 months, 1 week ago #107337

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Was difficult to save, because he the pupil of pomegranate island have already exchanged blows with the pupil of Cang sea door, both parties all have death and harm, and still the dead of the Cang sea door get many.
The Cang sea door is more pre-eminent than pomegranate island, now they want to save loss, so must open hostilities,lancel bags, or let the pomegranate island give° those things to come back still with pomegranate island.
The Zhuo feather changed a name and changed a facial appearance, mixed in the crowd and looking at the combat of the sea surfaced top Cang sea door and pomegranate island.
"The autumn of the Lu, I Cang sea one heart in the door seek after the good and don't think to be big four kill brutally an innocent person,lancel mademoiselle adjani, you are weak to know an interest, render unto the thing for stealing quickly and quickly."That Cang sea Zhang in the door teaches and allows a big wave to loudly say.
Hear Xu Tao 's this sentence, many people all scold low in succession, Cang sea one heart in the door seeks after the good, absolutely is a baloney!
Chapter 225 is big cheapness
The Lu is a dummy to eat golden thread autumn now, there is bitterness coulding not say, if he says to is on sale to will do with the person that he raise price at this time of,, this will let people more joke he, because this person have no background, go where seek?The Cang sea door extremely takes nothing such parlance, even if today their knowing isn't stem in the pomegranate island of and all want to insist be the pomegranate island does of, otherwise their loss is irretrievable.
The pomegranate island has been wanting to destroy a Cang sea door, but Cang sea door what doesn't it want to destroy a pomegranate island?This is the opportunity now!
The Lu knows autumn now that all of this are what he results in all alone by himselfs, because he underrate the ability of the Zhuo feather, have never thought a Zhuo feather ability done in complete secrecily move the warehouse of Cang sea door empty, finally let the Cang sea head that doubt him in the door come up, just appear this act at present.
Lu autumn now full belly fury, but have no a place to vent, he does this island for main tremendous several years, his of course not thinks and then so is ruined, he doesn't know how to do as well at this time is good.
If the loss that compensates a Cang sea door, so be say his pomegranate island really did this matter,, and still had no a face very much, in some persons eyes the face is aller important than everythings.
If don't accompany,,vente privee lancel, that only open hostilities, he nature in the pomegranate island isn't weaker than Cang sea door,,ray ban women s sunglasses, only Cang sea door back still have Kowloon door, even if he won,soldes lancel,, also difficult revenge of the door for escaping Kowloon.
"Allow Zhang to teach, can we discuss alone?"The Lu autumn thoughts tested a short while, the low voice asked a way.
Allow a big wave to also see this matter have no so in brief, he the realizing Lu behave for autumn, can't do this kind of stupid matter!But the affairs all made this situation, he can't accepted a hand,lancel bags paris, either and otherwise lose of is him, and under the door of pupil also already
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