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that wolf while avoiding being seen
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TOPIC: that wolf while avoiding being seen

that wolf while avoiding being seen 11 months, 1 week ago #107206

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And can also hide breathing!"The Zhuo feather shouts low a way.
"See to that great anger spirit very uncanny ah, just the body figure of that wolf and common wolf just like, but regardless which aspect, all similar to the bewitching monster of a head of Xuan class four articles, expect after being also an equal to rank of gold Dan of real strenght."The Ding worked properly to finally make a noise.
At this time, the Zhuo feather feels again a burst of light breeze blow, he quickly one Shan, the sky in the hand copies sword at the same time and splits toward that dark shadow,,authentic gucci bag, but doesn't split in!That wolf again got into black fog.
Just that wolf unexpectedly the in mid air is first the fast disease avoid being seen and have never let the Zhuo feather split to chop down in, it is thus clear that this kind of the fierce monster is how strong, anything but that kind of of fierce monster peter of!
The Zhuo feather got a conclusion,cheap oakley radar sunglasses, as long as meet a body figure normal wild beast here, is all 1 kind to evolve to completely and badly be fierce to a monster through that brutal spirit!
He doesn't dare to let out Shi Yan and the thunder leopard and fear they drive that kind of the brutal spirit capture life vitality.
"Being not a head of is a little bit more severe of wolf?"The Zhuo feather Pie Pie mouth says, the body surface overflows black spirit,,gucci horsebit hobo bag, that is the very evil blood Gang spirit, can make him gather strength and speed of.
He is very quick and then catches the position of wolfs place,ray ban av?ator, an arrows step shoots up, fierce split of one sword, violent wind the blood in a black, that wolf while avoiding being seen, still be split by the Zhuo feather in!
Looking at the blood of that utter darkness color of ground to slowly decay those muds, immediately give a tremble in the Zhuo feather heart!
"Can not touch these bloods!"
The Zhuo feather is suddenly fierce on turning round, then saw that wolf appearing in an act that his send out deep and low Si roaring cry after death and connected down Zhuo feather to see let his skin of head become numb!
The wound Ba of that wolf up fills the air a black spirit, a wolf head suddenly emitted out from that wound!
"2 ……two!"The Zhuo feather looking at that to just appear of skull,gucci diaper bags, stunned speechless.
When the Zhuo feather just wanted to attackstone, made him shocked that an act took place again, that head unexpectedly flew out!Isn't a ,, but a head of wolf!A head of wolf is from that wound Cuan come out!
Zhuo Yu responds to cannot compare with,louis vuitton designer purses,, is rushed toward in the ground,, when seeing that emollient mouth would bite on his neck the Zhuo feather quickly kneaded the throat of that wolf and used the biggest strength, dead dead of keep on kneading!
The Mao Ca is a , the Zhuo feather saw the mouth of that wolf spew out the breathing in a black, he carries a day shadow to gobble up a big method, its absorption into work properly a bead inside.
A head of wolf unexpectedly ability from harm
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