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louis vuitton canada the fireball gobbled up his body
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TOPIC: louis vuitton canada the fireball gobbled up his body

louis vuitton canada the fireball gobbled up his body 11 months ago #107086

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Wearing is started to throw in the unreal of Gan river.the flame suddenly and suddenly and violently rise and accumulate to gather in Chen Yu's right boxing,, the intensely hot heat makes the circumferential temperature hoick.
The flame accumulating to gather quickly forms a huge fireball, Chen Yu's facial expression is one Ning, the right boxing suddenly bombs toward the Gan river in the unreal. huge fireball such as comet blunt arouse a sort rapid fly to,, deprave in the Gan river in the unreal.
Fireball on, numerous fire snakes that peep out a ferocious Liao tooth, constantly visit Cuan in the fireball.Gan river dumbstruckly the Lin see to catch fire ball,,
louis vuitton canada, the fireball is rapid to rush of speed, let him too late avoid.
The " is not!!!The " Gan river Jie Si bottom inside of unwilling roar a way, the fireball gobbled up his body, he only could use the heat that the energy of he's rest resists inside the fireball.
The " hums, be is the remuneration for your performance program.the " Chen Yu Shuang's eye lightly shut, in the Gan river exhaustion energy of that for an instant, Chen Yu in a twinkling took back flame. immediately, the flame left the body of Gan river, as if Yan into return a nest sort to quickly accumulate to gather on Chen Yu's hand.
The Gan river all over starts to emit white smoke, whole body burned black, surface of skin already completely bad dead.however is worthy of rejoicing BE,
lancel bag black,, Chen Yu takes back flame in time and have never let it erodes Gan river body of internal.otherwise, Gan river will fire poison psychological attack but die.
Smiles an idea towards seeing already a long time, what then Dan net one face coolly with Dan net clearly, completely didn't fight of meaning.
Zheng Ming Shuang's eyeses are tiny to shrink, coolly says:" You have already had a companion to fall to hurt,do not you still make moves?"
Dan net naturally on smiling, lightly say:The " isn't hasty,
lancel handbags official website, we have plenty of time. your potential, make me very interested in.I want whole distanceses to observe and learn this kind of to fight in the life and death in, embryonic of spectacular sight."
Clearly suddenly one Leng, hope toward the taste of Dan net more add relentless...
" Younger brother He!!The " Gan pure double of eyes split, he originally thinks the Gan river that owns remarkable talent real strenght, deal with Chen Yu who only have the ability real strenght more than anticipate Chen Yu can on the way to fight, real strenght suddenly promote to a remarkable talent,
loui vuitton purses, and vanquish Gan river.
And text hero become that as if demon's sort continue constantly attack,
louis vuitton briefcase, although can not make him be subjected to injury,, can really his dead dead of entwine.
The " hums, don't look in all directions in the combat. this is the basic combat common sense, don't you understand?The " is sudden,
lancel roll'n rock bag,, the text hero becomes of the body get rid of winding at Gan the pure belly is next. brown of the energy body suddenly and suddenly and violently rise and infuse a full energy body
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