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become a can use inside the dint of martial
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TOPIC: become a can use inside the dint of martial

become a can use inside the dint of martial 11 months, 1 week ago #107012

  • euguwfvv37
At all over the face red light just his physical stature Jian is large,gucci clutch purse, so just can not see clearly.
On the second day, Zhuo feather after completing work held to break a sword city to go to,,lancel miss adjani, he wants again enter forest in touch, seeing can arrest a wild beast.
This forest he acquaints with again however, he comes to some times,lancel paris,, still just in once turned several days,, all only had never met a wild beast just.
"Ha ha, have been already discovered!"Forest in of a tree next, the Zhuo feather sees the excrement that the ground has a heap of wild beast, he cautiously looks into the trace of this ground and follows trace to very carefully walk later on.
He if not that meeting just now what bewitching monster, all can with the fist fight, he is a day after tomorrow the martial of three articles, just almost can exceed into an easy Jin stage, become a can use inside the dint of martial, that is real Wu Zhe!
Fluently hit the ground the wild beast of noodles leaves of the footprint follow behind, Zhuo feather suddenly a pleased, because he has already heard deep and low Si roaring cry!
"Ha ha, finally can meet a wild beast!"Zhuo feather mood big Yue,, sped a step, before he comes to the time here and always feels that those wild beasts are seldom hiding him, meet a head of wild beast at present, he which will be not happy.
He doesn't know of BE, that universe bead after getting into his body sucked away the breathing that that black Jiao originally remains all,,wayfarer ray ban, so the wild beast of now demon the monster can't hide again him.
That low roaring cry is more and more clear, Zhuo feather just and continuously of close to that a head of wild beast, but that wild beast seem always at first similar waited for Zhuo feather!
The Zhuo feather suddenly feels a bit not in the right, because that voice sound isn't the wild beast voice that he acquaints with!
"Demon monster!Lao Tze unexpectedly met a demon monster!"The Zhuo feather at heart fiercely rose this viewpoint, some concussions, again some Tan Tes,, because demon the monster is very strong existence, he always also just hear having never witnessed in person just!He although last time met black Jiao,did not see, this was also his regret,oakley antix sunglasses, after all the curiosity of young man is always special of heavy.
"All of demon monsters are the things that has already worked properly Zhi,does this demon monster intentionally lead me to come over?Do I exactly want to be past?"The Zhuo feather stops descend step, calculate in the heart, if really meet a demon monster, he can immediately copy to turn to escape, even is depend on a shadow to turn magical power shot to kill this bewitching monster!
"Put together!"The Zhuo feather beats to settle Zhuo feather and continues to go forward and slowly pulled out that at the same time break sword.
Ao ……
A Pao of huge knife
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