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lancel 1876 prix see again
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TOPIC: lancel 1876 prix see again

lancel 1876 prix see again 11 months, 1 week ago #106901

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Up.Su the jade Juan and Liu Tao return to a bedroom and respectively bring up a shoulder bag to prepare to go out.The Su jade Juan changes direction Su's jade red instruct:"The jade is red, I want to leave, your temperament not ability too hasty!"
"I know that the second mama!"Su's jade is red smile don't smile of say.
Su the jade Juan and Liu Tao forbid not to live whole break into laughterses after listenning to.The Su jade Juan changes direction Su's jade red jocosely say:"If you have two mamas, that we all very miserably, isn't that kind of at our daddy so much people!"
"You walk quickly, if fail to catch an airplane, that running goes!"Su's jade is red to impatiently say.
"I just instruct you not to have to be impatient, you how again so impatient?"The Su jade Juan seriously asks.
"Do you how long come back?"The Su's jade red conversion topic counter-questions.
"I say to forbid several days to come back now, you occupy and then make a phone call to me!"Su Yu Juan answers.
"H'm."Su's jade is red to nod to say.
"Juan, we leave!"Liu Tao 's socket says that and connects to pull to take to push Su jade Juan to outside walk.
The Su jade Juan no longer utters a word and follows Liu Tao to walk to doorway.Liu Tao turns head to say all of a sudden to the Su's jade red smile:"The jade is red, see again!"
"Brother-in-law sees again!"Su's jade is red to intentionally and loudly say.
The Su jade Juan turns head to look awry Su's jade after listenning to red, again the wry smile leaves.Liu Tao sees this situation, change direction red"Hey Hey" of Su's jade to smile to smile, then keep up with Su jade Juan step.
Su the jade Juan and Liu Tao come downstairs to arrive at a nearby restaurant and literally once had breakfast and arrived at street up block the next private, go straight to an airport but go ……
Noon 12:30, Liu Tao takes Su jade Juan to go home and be on the first floor living room to sit down.Zheng Xia sees Su jade Juan an arrival, the in the mind is very happy, hurriedly concern of ask:"You haven't had lunch?I order a cook to cook a meal, what do you want to eat?"
"Juan, do you want to eat what?"Liu Tao changes direction Su jade Juan to ask.
"I literally, you eat what I eat what!"Su jade Juan the answer of the smile.
"Mama makes the cook cook noodles for us!"Liu Tao changes direction Zheng Xia to say.
Zheng Xia repeatedly nods and turns round to walk to the kitchen in quick time.
After a while, Zheng Xia take full face of two bottles of colas the smile walk to come in and pass respectively a bottle of to Su jade
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