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sac occasion lancel "Your these idiots
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TOPIC: sac occasion lancel "Your these idiots

sac occasion lancel "Your these idiots 11 months ago #101249

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Adapt to!
"Kid looks after good oneself!"
"The moon, you are my gold king's kid to remember!"
Two personal disappearances, the breeze of Xuan Yuan mumbling way
"The king of the father, after the mother, the moon will let what you bring to life!In spite of pay what price!"
The tears has already beaten wet under his body of mud ……
Chapter 4 bitterness
The breeze of Xuan Yuan deeply absorbed an one breath and were several these hundred million press in the heart bottom, again and carefully taste to begin medium tea and drinks,
sac occasion lancel, don't know how, he always feels that the tea and drinks this time loses to settle joss-stick, contrary but some bitter and astringent.
Is small four, small clear, the soft son,
sac lancel premier flirt occasion, the 1000-year egg,, isn't that I doesn't tell you …..But is ……alas, waited I to fly to rise to tell you again …..Thought of my breeze of Xuan Yuan hand in of do work elegant, at the cup that the view that this ages belongs to curio Class virtuous town produces to threw to go out, put a hand.Behind those 12 boys immediately ran to come over, respectfullly polite respect of in front of him station good.
"What order does the old ancestor have,
lancel bags 2013?"
"Small guys,, was the front the base that copies a door?"
"Return to old ancestor words, according to the dependable intelligence report, the front was the base that copies a door, in concentrated the great majority real strenght of copying the door!"
"Like,, ha ha, I will walk and polish off them before walking!Leave only Gu to send those remenant things to do the doing of household small generation hand object enough, as for the crud of these big R countries, let's directly polish off them!"
Finish saying a to wave hand, 12 swords spirit and murderous look that the guy takes whole body are strange to call and then hurtled to go out!The breeze of Xuan Yuan looking at these vitalities four shoot of guy, smiled to smile,,
louis vuitton authentic, don't lend to put out a shadow door, estimated soft son, they must made they speak true facts?Ha ha.
"Bomb!""Oh depend!"
The Fuji mountain suddenly broke open a huge of innumerable son,
lancel paris line, in stretched out the icy thing-grain son cannon of various black hole hole, cold shoot line, lord battleship ……almost all science and technology and military achievements of thousand in the last yearses appear at Fuji top of hill, the Fuji mountain in nowadays is completely a war fort!
Hurtle at the most anterior boy an inattention drive together cold shoot line of the jelly became an ice vulture!Broke through a refrigeration with the sword spirit, vomit an one mouthful from the mouth in this boy algidity, scold of continue forward blunt!
"Your these idiots,, can't directly give they come how many days thunder again blunt,
loui vuitton outlet?Is alas ……how to don't make progress these small generation?"
These 12 guys hear the Xun of old ancestor scold, an inwardly admires, and still the old ancestor is fierce!Depend, thunder in the sky, thunder in the sky, those pulverizing of big R countries have how many abilities does the anti- stay thunder in a sky?
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