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ray ban 3342 one class Dan the refining of the medicine is with come right away
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TOPIC: ray ban 3342 one class Dan the refining of the medicine is with come right away

ray ban 3342 one class Dan the refining of the medicine is with come right away 11 months, 1 week ago #101098

  • zanpdnge96
Ordered to nod, ever since that time rise in rank four class Dan soul teachers, one class Dan the refining of the medicine is with come right away, even if need not Dan Ding,,is to shake hands into a Ding stove, stretching hand can make pill, and the quality for making pill is at the beginning farer far high than to make pill of medicine.
"Di young master,
ray ban 3342,, at under have a business, I believe that you will be definitely interested in."The soul wood suddenly towards way in Di Nice that a side drinks stuffy wine.
"What business?"Head in Di Nice don't lift as well of ask a way.
"Cure a Dan medicine,
miss lancel."The soul wood smiles a way:"I can provide enough many treatment medicines to you, the quality of the Dan medicine you can also trust, absolutely is a thing to have a value, don't know that you can provide what price code?"
"Do you have 500 boxes of treatment medicines,
ray ban wayfarer small," Di Nice doesn't dare to believe of hope a soul wood, was full of in the tone surprised, the Mou son of that original dark is suffused with to have a very tiny glow-in-the-dark in this a moment.
Hun Lin makes sure of ordered to nod, didn't say more what,
"Like, as long as you can provide enough many treatment medicines, and own the effect to should have, gram the price code of the inside in the house absolutely can't let what you disappoint."Di Nice immediately beats to have to protect a ticket and and then towards soul Lin Dao:"This you also hopes what name highest big wine shop in a gather."
The soul wood ordered to nod a way:"Lin Ban Yun."
"Do not know brothers wood can take out a sample and wait my aunt to authenticate to complete and definitely visit relatives by that time from come and brothers wood's confabulation."Di Nice the rascal Pi in this a moment the cool depletion is like a personage have deeply business of striving for the forethought,
mens oakley sunglasses cheap, let soul the wood is the slightest a burst of surprised, have no of hesitation, direct from take out a box of treatment medicine in the ring,
Di Nice once connects a Dan medicine and and then said with smile:"Please arrive highest big wine shop to stop for rest a short moment."
Soul wood didn't refuse and ordered to nod, 2 people came out from breeze snow Yuan and went straight to highest big wine shop but went and looking at a person the bearer goes toward of crowd, the merchandise of the street the full eyes are resplendent, the multicolored ray of light is brilliant, each other of drinking and shouting the voice linger in the ears, extremely of prosperity jollification.
"A year of scene,, everything of the city of Kang Tan is already a thing is a person not,
discount lv bags, the variety be big, and then be greeting another New Year."The soul wood looking at that to flow out of crowd of people, in the mind not from a burst ofly relax, the city in the crime foolish year, all the time not in the middle of making contact with with Azrael, suddenly making him integrate into the ordinary mortal that didn't contend for with a life time now, not from a burst of regrets.
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