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cheap hats body suddenly on moving
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TOPIC: cheap hats body suddenly on moving

cheap hats body suddenly on moving 11 months, 3 weeks ago #9557

  • eddx04arm66
The welcomes large book friend to reading and serialize a work to exert lately,
cheap hats, most quickly and most fierily original in the point of departure,!
Chapter 12:Blood ant!
Renew time 2011-8-2315:22:24 word numbers:2378
"You still know what?"Leaf's morning coolly looking at Ge for sky.
The sunlight spreads to drop down from the sky, Ge the sky but a little warm felling also have no,
Cheap Lancel Bags,, there is the felling to grow to fall into ice hole, there is a silk in the heart not and well prepare feeling, difficult tunnel:"I know of so many, really don't fool you."
"That good."Leaf's morning slightly on noding, body suddenly on moving, the one punch bombards to go out and explodes skull shot of Ge sky, the nerve of the later responds speed, just in time subconscious ground backward tiny tiny one Yang, but can not avert from this one punch.
Rush toward!
Another has no head corpse to look up at sky to fall flop.
Second kills battalion commander!
The one is startled, looking at the corpse on the ground on all sides, stagnant in succession.
Two Gao Gao are in the last battalion commander, be so killed by the shot, connected to strike back of dint all have no, this is also too bloody, too cruel!
The this Ge leaf morning right and wrong in sky kills can not, after otherwise waiting he to return to,, secretly bought these common soldiers, took the lead to accuse oneself of killing the same kind,
59fifty fitted hats,, there is even if no evidence, but identify in the all one mouthful under, up will also suspend from duties his survey, bring otiose trouble.
The leaf morning look in the eyes icy coldly swept one eye that five remaining chiefs and soon after turned round to walk toward a big truck to, the soldier of both sides' stepping aside in succession , as lookinging at to love blood devil, the slightest don't dare to approach and allow Kingdom of Heaven 2 people unexpectedly leaf's morning the such fighting is resolute, nowise hand goes limp.
The leaf walks morning up the back of truck, see the soldier of many rests under, equanimity tunnel:"Everyone wants to remember, today these two battalion commanders,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys, all fall in action in the combat!"
Nakedly threaten!
Owner in succession wry smile, even the battalion commanders are all killed by the shot, they which still have courage to injury secretly leaf's morning, besides also have no evidence.
"Blare ……" tailpipe voice rings out,, more than 20 big trucks launch, along the street drives to the distance and goes to and occasionally runs into some funeral corpses and low class monster all the way, also is in succession killed by the shot.
Tiger tooth mountain, the hillside is abrupt inclined, strange stone Lin Xun, deep ditch a horizontal, both sides stone wall Song sky.
Leaf's morning waits person to drive a foot of a hill bottom, the title sees go, Tashan is steep towering, Qing sky but sign, the sunlight after white cloud shines in glory the bottom, top of hill but one dead Ji and imitated a Buddha to lose all source of vitalities.
"Tiger tooth mountain about 128 the squares are thousand meters, jot down from the data, inside big parts of monsters would are a blood ant,, and also having one the part is green
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