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TOPIC: as a result"think to the mark it**"​/Baltimore-Ravens-Jerseys.html​ as a result"think to the mark it**" 11 months, 2 weeks ago #9550

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Call "Principle of nationalism",, be want, "carry through Mu to border on the spirit of policy" are beautiful it Yue:"Will never with narrow patriotism from the Pu, but Be sunk to line up outside thought of stray road" originally invades the execution"goodwill" with the 〖 day 〗 , diplomacy, "with and love each other to hand over mutually the spirit of benefit mutually with effort with Be expected to East Asia peace and the world peace has contribution.There is the private of ambition in", so-called"Principle of People's Right" is the authority of Kuomintang in abrogation Chongqing, with Wang Wei Kuomintang for center, " consociation whole country, not assign do not, carry the responsibility of tidying up the situation together."That is recruit a man ji ā n, with the 〖 day 〗 originally imperialistic realization"peace" declare "war since interest", " national assembly can call, the constitution can draw up a promulgation, be over Xun government, beginning constitutional government to complete the stage of Principle of People's Right."So-called"Principle of People's Livelihood" is to want with"stop class struggle for read""divide the line Principle of People's Livelihood and mark to think it** theoretically solid root different,, on the method more mutually water fire", as a result"think to the mark it**",
wholesale mlb hats, .Obviously, "three 〖 people 〗 doctrine" of Wang Jing Wei's group is just 1 kind**decline a day, betray a race benefits, invasion people's rights, harm people's livelihood, practice man the ji ā n method west Si despotism rule of false three 〖 people 〗 doctrine!
Wang Jing Wei makes a speech to say when the general assembly ends:"Outside someone fabricate rumor to insult to us and say that we are the 〖 day 〗 my puppet and ask everyone to see,, we today have 〖 in assembly hall for day 〗 I?",
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Ha ha,
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Led for several days, till September 5, Wang Jing Wei is in road in the Yu park 1136 lane"private home Wang",
Convened Wang Wei Liu again a medium plenary meeting, addition to listenning to Wang Jing Wei making international situation and party to work political situation to deliver a speech,, choose by acclamation Chen Gong Bo, week Buddha sea and plum to think even, Lin Bo living, the D Mo mail, pottery rare saint,
Gao Zong Wu, burnt Ying etc. is the 〗 Yang executive committee meeting member of committee of standing committee in 〖 ;Chen Bi Jun, attend to loyalty Chen,
Chu Min Yi waits to inspect a committee standing committee for 〗 Yang in 〖 .Finally establish "the 〗 Yang party department in 〖 ", Chu Min Yi is a general secretary, Chen Chun Pu, Luo's gentleman strong pair it;The plum thinks even in order to organize minister, wear an English man and week to turn a person pair it;The pottery rare saint is a publicity department minister, Lin Bo livings, Zhu Pu Fu it:D Mo mail is social department minister, Wang Man Yun, attend to after Wu Fu.Wang Jing Wei surrenders to enemy group to finish knocking to go on stage in the foul air of the first gong and drum.Connect down, this helps a man ji ā the n Be about to publicly establish illegal government.@.The popular actor legend of rebirth

Chapter 831 stands on the justice part
The popular actor legend of rebirth 5200
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