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vente priv��e lancel 95 how can have never listenned to your name
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TOPIC: vente priv��e lancel 95 how can have never listenned to your name

vente priv��e lancel 95 how can have never listenned to your name 11 months, 1 week ago #65127

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Is more than ten individual, facing thou a certain place of the absolute being the sky keep on rushing.
"The elder generation please ask how to call elder generation, at under named Liu Xing, come from an absolute being the sky."Liu Xing comes forward and runs about by the side of that old body, 2 people walk at will and easily and resist to get empty but go and pour like general on the ground, is just that the speed just from a distance fall to anterior of ten several people, can't too quick,
The old says with smile:", You call Liu Xing,
vente priv��e lancel 95, the name isn't good, I make the Xuan get empty Xuan,
lancel riyadh, come of the place call absolute being source the earth."
"Absolute being source the earth, where is that ?"
The Xuan empty Xuan at will says:"I once heard the place of absolute being the sky, have ever been to as well of, however absolute being source mountain, you can't definitely know, that is at under the fixing of boundary force mainland,, position which peter the absolute being the sky place like this,
lancel bag blue."
Liu goes one earthquake."You are old have ever been to absolute being of the sky, how can have never listenned to your name, see your fix for also want at the territory of might of god on, the big absolute being like this fixs, even if the absolute being the sky also combines to not much see,"
The Xuan empty Xuan says with smile:"I just play, never begin with others of, even if bottom in the door that went into green Long Da Dun Di, can't speak road to fix, either is my pupil of,, otherwise have of bothered ……"
Liu Xing quickly halts, the Xuan empty Xuan says with smile:"See, I know, the road fixs genius like that, arrive where is all thing of uneasy, which have the breeze of my low-key superior in old man's house to make, " says to roar with laughter.
Liu Xing respectfully rise respect.
"Is the teacher that fixs a martial big emperor,
lancel paris line, the younger generation pours is fail to show due respect."It is the front Gong body to salute.Xuan the empty Xuan Be helpless to say:"He is him, I am me, he doesn't follow me to run about aimlessly and also ignore my business, you killed me,, he couldn't know, either of ……"
Liu Xing says with smile, "elder generation joke, at under the admiration fix the prestige of martial big emperor, is also for his absolute being the soldier weigh Tu Long Dao of machine, extremely feeling fascination, really think one day can learn by exchanging views with him to inquire into several recruit, just can a solve me to his feeling of the admiration of old man's house."
The Xuan empty Xuan roars with laughter and says:"You want to beg for to teach to him, it is some difficulties to pour,"
Liu goes a surprised:"This is why."
The Xuan empty Xuan says with smile:"He has a grandson and spoils not elephant appearance, a bit domineering, think to you gave offense to him, he said to be as absolutely irreconcilable as the person being a to make Liu go everywhere, I see that person's pouring very likely is you ……"
The face Teng that Liu goes the 膷 is red all of a sudden,
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He fixs with road of, the road butchered an of dragon to once pour a war, but oneself also stayed back route at that time.
Come forward at this time polite say:"Xuan elder generation, there are some misunderstandings in this matter,
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