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wholesale lv handbags Xie Yan didn't do to stop over more and raised to tread to toward passage walk to
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TOPIC: wholesale lv handbags Xie Yan didn't do to stop over more and raised to tread to toward passage walk to

wholesale lv handbags Xie Yan didn't do to stop over more and raised to tread to toward passage walk to 11 months, 2 weeks ago #65115

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The bewitching monster of mountain distinctly gets into martial treasure-house in a sky,, but is guarded by martial treasure-house in the sky it works properly of attack,, all of these demon monsters is head toward outside lying on the ground, obviously from martial treasure-house in the sky break out of come of time die here of, these demon monster almost is seven rank above real strenght, all die here, leave these bone Hai!"
Xie Yan didn't do to stop over more and raised to tread to toward passage walk to, the above settling of the stone wall passage is a great deal of night bright pearl, the whole passage shine on of like daytime general, separate several steps each time, thank speeches can see one have demon the monster corpse lie on the ground and look extremely gloomy terror and trample in the top, the frailty of Mao Mao loudly not and extremely hears, all over the floor dry bones.
Once walk the stone wall passage of several thousand meters, an open spaces and huge big palace appears in the middle of thanking and talking an eye,
wholesale lv handbags, this big palace perhaps can accept around ten thousand persons,, more huge corpses spreads full the whole big palace.Positive center in the big palace, a stone steps hangs to drop down from the air, the end of stone steps is a huge stone door, a kind of Hong Huang and ancient breathing from send forth in the stone door.
Chapter 153 Purple Shou Long Yan Huo
The stone door soars to the skies to suspend a huge horizontal tablet above, horizontal tablet top the Juan engrave four ancient sign text ancient form of writings,
lancel watches, each Zhang Xu Gao, send forth the Yi Yi dazzles the eyes of ray of light, which afraid is greatly ordering outside, as well is clear it is thus clear that.But hope nearby, more there is a Hai popularity power.
These four ancient sign text ancient form of writings, all very of the thou is old,
lancel premier flirt bag, basically aren't the writing that thou and medieval times uses, but a kind of more ancient form of written,
Can still want the long ago than the medieval times, that hey ancient and time immemorial the absolute being text used by period spirit,
lancel handbags prices.
On thinking into this, thank speech to cannot help but some tongues dry thirsty,, the spirit of ancient and time immemorial, have already become legend,
loui vuitton outlet, any thing spreads down, is an all fantastic thing!
"Martial treasure-house in the sky!"
4 makes a surprised sign text of public ancient form of writing, what to write is exactly'martial treasure-house in the sky'.Unless is Xie Yan have already hidden the household counts 100,000 ancient workses to commit to memory at the heart through the Ge, it are what mean to perhaps still really could not recognize these four ancient form of writings.
"It is said that 81 days force treasure-house in all has Yin emperor dynasty for month most successor emperor seven night, emperor gentleman personally write of horizontal tablet,
sac lancel, have never thought this rumours are unexpectedly true.These four ancient sign text ancient form of writings all contain for seven nights, the martial way of the emperor gentleman will, as long as can comprehend it, then can inherit for seven nights, extremely learning of the emperor gentleman."
Xie Yan just a little saw more a short while, immediately and then feels brain an inside a burst of piercing, Zhang Kou vomits a blood, unexpectedly
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