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lancel bags usa "Elder brother
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TOPIC: lancel bags usa "Elder brother

lancel bags usa "Elder brother 11 months, 1 week ago #65106

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Don't trust you ……"
The wood orchid Hui wry smile way:"Have again what don't trust of,, dish Long Yan Wang is my life man, the only men, I which emollient quantity but brush-off his invoke, just in the heart have been blocking up one breath just.Is alas, the greater half borns, dish Long Yan Wang, you also do how much let me painful matter ……"
Dish Long Yan Wang double the eye is tiny and red, the exclamation says:"I return you, orchid Hui, I use second half return alive you,, you born for me son so, again bitterness guard these years, all is that I owe yours ……"
The wood orchid Hui comes forward to pull to have dish Long Yan Wang and looking at his face reading which still have those early years of natural and unrestrained, white hair.
Two people pour is a smile to close lightly boon sorrow,
One a personal son of the side, already silent leave crowd of people, line in the facing distance goes.
Come out ten several inside roads, annoyed a bitterness in the heart, thoughted of the painful mother's love of original father of oneself comes, again is shed tears not only.
One person has already arrived to her and pulls his ice-cold small hand to say with smile at this time:"The silly younger sister,, the business of older generation,
lancel bags usa, took no notice of, saw your elder brother's wife and small niece with me,
lancel purses, "
Dish Long Xiang Xue ordered to nod and said with smile:"Elder brother, I have already known father and your mother, and the business in your those early years is what four greatest elders inside the clan tell me, they a heart make you heavy go home clan, pour is have no mental reservation.Is my mother the fault in those early years, just let your mother and child be subjected to so bitter ……"
Liu Xing says with smile:"The business of adult took no notice of, we were close brother and sister, while you are exactly my ideal medium younger sister, I recognize you, will recognize yours from cradle to the grave, regardless in the future how will."
Dish Long Xiang Xue sighs a , suddenly say with smile:"Little nephew whether is growing in childhood similar to you,"
Liu Xing says:"Have not returned to for 15 years, don't know he now much Gao, left in those early years, he is still sucking at breast ……"
Two people say words, but have already aroused in what Liu went under, hurtle to that absolute being the sky with intermediate star sky, the factitiousness establishes next big knot before the boundary.Take world to work properly an interest after these drawing of years,
lancel watch price, when this big knot boundary was apart from Liu Xing to leave last time again strong many.
Liu Xing took the dish Long Xiang Xue's a head of to drilled into and had never gone into have no the territory of thing.
He directly wore big knot boundary,
lancel wallets for women, wanted to think but have no to leave right away,, but have no the voice arrived at a certain.
Indeed as expected, in that place, still kept seeing a strong man,
sac a mains lancel, raised an ax son,
official louis vuitton website, the facing greatly knots boundary to endlessly keep on splitting.
Long Xiang Xue of"that is who …… , he is a Yu man ……" dish is understand to come over, don't already praise highly, the business of Yu man has already become to spread in the absolute being the sky
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