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lancel 1876 said
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TOPIC: lancel 1876 said

lancel 1876 said 11 months, 1 week ago #65053

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6.-The taste of righteousness in the sky
The taste of chapter 647 righteousness in the sky
The month had no shadow to want to mean to say a way:"Eldest brother, although we want to revenge, but the real strenght puts over there.Wanting to revenge can not also report.Always can not seek to take out."
The month has never copied this words to speak very to the pointly:This society be so, you you's skill not equal to person,
lancel 1876, no wonder that who!If there is real strenght,
lancel bags in london, want to revenge naturally,, but have no real strenght, have to be humiliated.This world is the weak at the mercy of the strong.Even if this is just a school.
I ordered to nod to say:"That if do I go to and report this enemy for you?Do you dare to go?"
The month didn't copy vision one Ning:Indeed as expected, I know Qin Hui after knowing, can't be so simple, see his appearance, he was to want to directly beat month class the class goes.This viewpoint, also too bold?!
The month has no shadow to looking at me to say:"Qin Hui, you can't really want to beat month class the class goes?Still never freshman dare to challenge old rare!"
I looking at him to say with smile:"You said as well always before the nobody dared to challenge 1 class, now how?Be not just beaten down by us, the month is old to living, also no big deal, however bigger how old than you, the real strenght is just a little bit strong.I ask just now, do you dare to go?"
The month has never copied a to grind teeth and says:"Eldest brother you dare to go, I dare to go.You don't clap, I am still afraid of!"
I swept to sweep after death of person, facing they say:"Your ability?Go to and still don't go,"
Is public to see my[one] facial expression that is full of confidence, a saying of public sentiment infuriation:"Go, how don't go,
lancel bag blue!"
Ze Ze!The freshman challenges old living,!This viewpoint wants all and feels crazily,
lancel uk london.We will do college one person, Qin Hui blocks fore noodles, he isn't afraid,
lancel 135, I am still afraid of!
I looking at in the moment a man of being full of the guts, is not noded by ordering of smile, these people, in the future definitely have ambition:Dare to do to dare to put together.It is a man.If the ordinary people hears challenge a month class class, directly being frightenned to crouch down was afraid, they dare to follow me, although there is a silk in the eye frightened,
lancel handbags in paris, is also a common feeling.
My facing is public to nod to smile to smile, said:"Absolute being Qi beats your person's real strenght how strong?"
The absolute being Qi says:"The real strenght that should only have a month class entry-level, however even if like this compare us also strong top many."
I ordered to nod, month class entry-level just, I think how to beat
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