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lancel adjani "The red and cool son says.Inside of the extraordinary generosity of spirit
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TOPIC: lancel adjani "The red and cool son says.Inside of the extraordinary generosity of spirit

lancel adjani "The red and cool son says.Inside of the extraordinary generosity of spirit 11 months, 1 week ago #65045

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Come and borned her to owe hers."
The star dust queen pushes door but goes into.
At this moment, the sky is already bright one rosy sunset.
A day,, long and short.
326 chapter big absolute being
Liu Xing returns to abode, this place that is him to return to for the first time for these several ten days,, he is in the library upstairs, don't come down again over.
The person in place of living also waits upon,
lancel adjani, just Liu Xing at heart concussion, the in the mind stability doesn't come down, wants to seek personal his/her own happiness of sharing, don't aware of self at this time of walk to close together attic before, want to call on to live Su's son over there to float for a while and red and cool princess Er.
Don't arrive an attic front, that absolute being knew of dint, have already made Liu Xing sigh for the view.The breathing of the great pole , since the attic spreads to open, is exactly that absolute being to move big monk of territory is refining a Dan medicine.Know now not is bother of time, Liu Xing and then lift not to rise fascination to the chain medicine, sign before building, temporarily didn't go up.
Led a short while, a good-looking figure walked to come over and looking at his arrogant of a smile,
"Did close today,
lancel bag blue?"The red and cool son says.Inside of the extraordinary generosity of spirit, have been making Liu Xing not very great, the beginning beginning is also one princess Guo,, but her body up of nobility make people think very much close, this is also a sky,
lancel paris price,, one clans in line all love her cause.But the qualities of the red and cool son is refuse the person is at a long distance outside, the appearance of extremely self-conceited.
"Beginning beginning awake!"Liu Xing smiles in a great messly.
Red and cool son tiny Zheng bottom, also smiled.
", Congratulate you, fix into achievement."
"What fix into achievement?The true person is stiller beautiful than soul body ……true beautiful,
loui vuitton shop online!"What about Liu Xing the mouth smile.
",, I pour to really want that seeing this day is bewitching."The red and cool son sees him beautiful to become so, smile the idiocy is general, care more he says of the United States, the female kid suddenly hears another beauty and estimate than male the kid still need to hope earnestly a to see and greatly have a try a height of desire.However even if red and cool son again beautiful ascend 100%, estimate the boy eyes of demon in the sky that over there is silly and fall in love with an early beginning in, still keep being demon the United States and others.
The red and cool son in the mind hates an idea very thick.
"I forbid you to say that she is that the sky is bewitching, she is a beginning early, is demon is evil or person, of no account, importance of is that she accompanies me to walk all the way, importance of she is beginning beginning, ha ha.You haven't seen her,
vente privee lancel, I tomorrow take you to see, attractive, I saw a day, still want to see now!"
Red and cool son Pie mouth, "have to be shameless, oneself sees you current appearance, the color fan is fond of of, so disgusted of words,
louis vuitton outlet store, turn over to reply go to of say!"
Liu Xing says:"I am to want to tell you this matter, she is very beautiful, certainly need to say, ha ha, red
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