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have a group of personses the horse there is climbing mountain
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TOPIC: have a group of personses the horse there is climbing mountain

have a group of personses the horse there is climbing mountain 11 months, 1 week ago #64937

  • tavscmeybw26
The F somehow still embraced with him once, from several Zhang Gao Kong fall in and experienced this time, her reason is well many.
Is suddenly at present a bright, once wore a bush,cheap real oakley sunglasses, the week Yu quickly stopped bottom, there are two lines of horse's hoofses on the big way of front printing, the mud taking is still pretty fresh, he the vision Ning note the end of boulevard and have smoke and dust haven't spread to the utmost.
Two female felling body in vain on stopping, the waist is also released, just prepared to ask question,, suddenly discovered his facial expression is peculiar,ray bans wayfarers, the bond maid followed his vision on seeing, call way:"This is the road that goes to windstorm fortress!"
Windstorm fortress?Week Yu eyebrows a wrinkly:"BE what person live of place?"To here, he is unfamiliar.
The bond maid lightly shakes head:"I don't know as well and hear in live of the person is very fierce."
"Shut eyes!"The week Yu sinks a track:"We try to catch up with and see!"
Two female's eyes shut at the same time up, feel at present one a fan Mang at the same time, the body imitates a Buddha to leave ground but rises, but this certainly just 1 feel, they see everything not pure, luckily, soon, their eyes re- open, a huge fortress in the front impressively at at present, fortress according to mountain and then set up, vehemence Hui Hong, in the huge fortress how many small fortress, the ancient big tree is halfway up a hill forming together natural natural cover, strong wind rise place, shed leaves to float to fly, keep floating their in front, under the week Yu finger foot of a hill:"You see,!"
The bond maid vision is one Ning, have a group of personses the horse there is climbing mountain, the person is like horse, the horse is like dragon, curl up smoke and dust innumerable, a red dress to ride most before, lay down horizontally one thing on his horseback, is a person, a person who wears pink clothes,cheap authentic oakley sunglasses!
The bond maid loses a voice to call a way:"Young lady!"
The week Yu side body:"You affirm front that woman take of the miss is you wife and children elder sister,"His sight can be stronger than bond maid too many, he early discovers a woman to is most anterior and lays down horizontally a woman on her horseback, the woman hair covers with to spread, is also a pink of,lancel bags uk,, and clothes Hun however integral whole,ray ban store, he also has several become to hold this is her wife and children elder sister, because of her hair,ray ban wayfarer black!But the confirmation needs this bond maid to talk naturally.
The bond maid shouts loudly:"Is not wrong!Her clothes still I accompany her to do together,!"What she see is clothes!
This can't even be getting wronger, the clothes of pink he is similar to is to first see, because this kind of clothes compare "ocean spirit", if he saw will have an impression.
Object can't
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