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lancel 1er flirt on the face of determination
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TOPIC: lancel 1er flirt on the face of determination

lancel 1er flirt on the face of determination 11 months, 1 week ago #63880

  • bagyfbsj07
Outrun a bad one class.
Today's big ratio is mutually as it should be, time needed the long is many.
Wait until Liu's about to all 100 kinds of medicine materials, all when the chain becomes liquid there has been half of chain privates making pill failure,, withdraw a big ratio,
lancel 1er flirt.Ten high on the stages, the person is less and less, more people pay attention to Liu to go with two black beautiful chain on the stages.
The green jade fire is indeed as expected badly matchless, the strength of the flame is a whole field it most, no man can compare, Liu goes of stove the fire calculate most enough strong, but under the dint in the line that the other party pole heat of, strong lead 1/3 of fires, the chain turns of the speed is slowly little many.Is black beautiful early the one step walked the chain turn 100 kinds of medicine of this one step, the facing Ning Dan hurtles.
Last pass early he the one step arrived.
The my daughter kid is a bit nervous,,
lancel wallet, turned a head to peep Liu to go one eye, saw him stand erect such as the sacred mountain,, in no way the half divides commotion of feeling.In the her eyes, this big man, have plan well drawn up, on the face of determination, there are a charming rare malicious Li and self-confidence.
Being black beautiful pure to drink is a , hands tiny piece, 100 kinds of medicine in the Ding have already become the monster of living the body to check to together revolve with that and coagulate,
soldes lancel, the bluish green fire of You You is also that she also covers in the fire line by herself of dint inside.
The heat of space suddenly rose a height.
"Ning!"Is black beautiful to drink a voice in, the hands return and press with all strength Ding toward the stove.
Underneath and lord on the stage, utter silence, all visions look at his green Ding.
And that wood green Ding , unexpectedly under the heat of this kind of negative sky of sort, have no half for cent of from Rong it is like, absentminded, imitate a Buddha to suddenly also narrow to count a Chinese foot,, tongue of fire more of You green jade You green jade,
lancel french flair.
Become Dan!
It brushed past noise of shouting in the crowd of people.
Bomb however of one ring, the black beautiful green Ding vibrates for a while, that bluish green fire suddenly disappears, but a grain of grass of bluish green color return the Dan hang on the Ding, black beautiful stretched hand to answer to come over, tiny wiped the sweat on the next sum, the attention sees.
On the round and smooth Dan medicine, verdant superficial, simultaneously knotted seven star lines.Ability the grass return Dan chain become the treasure of seven articles, this at her own chain medicine history up, is also first time.She is satisfied on smiling,
lancel uk,, seeing to today is steady win, the vision sees toward one Ding it separates of Liu Xing,, at this moment, he just just the chain arrived a monster to check.
The dint in the fire line that Liu goes with small sign Ding with black beautiful all is not on a file time, lose of milli- Li bad of ten thousand inside.Liu Xing the chain at this time turn the ability of medicine to compare of black beautiful is differing a great deal.He must is careful to control fire, the absolute being knows of the dint released 80% this time.
At this moment, the chain private who stands in the high on the stage already not enough 1/3,
lancel soldes, everyone's chain medicine speed all about, also only have black beautiful one person to complete.Rest of also
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